Tips For Staying Healthy After 50

William Shakespeare in his poem The Seven Ages of Man compared the world to a stage and all the men and women in it to actors and actresses meant to play their parts. Of all these stages which is the best? It certainly is something to ponder upon and all are equally important in the journey of life. Life after the age of 50 however, is by far the most enjoyable because of several reasons. All men and women spend their initial stages of life pursuing their ambitions and accumulating the things they need to make the future of their loved once secure. It is after 50 they get to enjoy all that they’ve gathered without the added pressure of corporate commitments and hours of wasting away in commute. Here are a few ways in which you can ensure that your life after the half century milestone remains a healthy one.

Get enough sleep

Before you think about bigger things, start from the basics. Be sure to give your body seven to nine hours of sleep every night if you plan on leading an active daytime routine. Most people develop poor sleeping habits during their years of employment and these habits tend to continue even after they retire. It is important to get rid of such habits and adapt a fixed bedtime, preferably before 12 midnight. This way you can avoid insomnia, disrupted sleep and also lethargy which occurs during the day. 

Make time for fun

Now that you have the luxury of time to enjoy better things in life, develop good relationships with neighbors, relatives and make new friends everywhere you go. Engage in group activities that brings out the fun individual in you, prone to childish enthusiasm. Having a good bunch of friends can be very helpful in leading an interesting life. If you have golf club sets just lying in the garage, wipe the dust off, gather your pals and head out for a game every weekend.

Exercise is a must

No matter how high your spirit is, if you don’t give your body the proper attention it deserves, you won’t get to implement any of the cool things you planned on doing in your 50’s. Make it a point to stand in front of the mirror and take a good look at your body at least once a day. Staying in shape can be a huge confidence booster regardless of what your age is and for you who has stood the test of time for 50 long years, it will be the best feeling. Consult your health care provider and get an exercise routine developed to suit your unique requirements. In addition to exercise, use every opportunity you get to help your body stay fit. For instance, when walking to the better golf shop from the club, walk instead of driving or use the stairs instead of the elevator at the mall. These little things will have a major impact on your health and on the way you feel about yourself.