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     ~ Desiderata

This forecast is for January 6 to the 12th, 2019. To learn this week’s horoscope, go to the sidebar on the proper, scroll right down to ‘Recent Posts’ and click on on Dec. 30 to Jan. fifth.

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All occasions/Dates are PST – Pacific Normal Time zone. PST is eight hours earlier than Greenwich England (BST). For instance when it’s midday PST right here, it’s eight PM in England – and four AM the subsequent day in China. You’ll be able to Google ‘time zone converter’ for your personal zone.

START NOTHING: 10:20 pm to 10:46 pm Sun., eight:53 am to 11:44 am Wed., and 6:25 am Fri. to zero:18 am Sat.



WE SHOULD ALL AVOID STARTING NEW PROJECTS OR RELATIONSHIPS FROM: March 5 to 28, July 7 to 31, and October 31 to November 20.
***   ***

Properly, did anyone purchase shares December 24 to 27, as I suggested within the Dec. 16 Preamble? I took my very own recommendation, however cautiously, as I’m a Gemini (an indication that faces monetary risks now to Might 2020). Nonetheless, the shares I purchased Dec. 24 are up a mean of 9% as I write this (Dec. 31).

One factor bothers me: is the revenue long-lasting (which hints late December was the underside)?  Or is it a fast thrill, and one ought to take income earlier than the entire market declines? (I fear the final state of affairs is true.  As I’m a Gemini, investing is among the least promising, most harmful actions Gemini can undertake earlier than Might 2020.) Nonetheless, I remorse shopping for solely $50okay, fairly than, say, 200 or 300. I’m such a coward!)
***   ***

Nancy Pelosi faces one of many hardest stretches of her political profession, 2019/20, particularly round Nov./19 to Jan./20.
***   ***

I feel the NASDAQ might be value shopping for when it hits 5,000. (Perhaps 4900, and so forth.) It’s now within the low 6,000’s. Highest was 8100 a number of months in the past.
***   ***

Keep in mind when the Worldwide Astronomers Union (or no matter it’s referred to as) declared that Pluto was not a planet? Properly, scientists now say the IAU was incorrect, Pluto is a full-fledged planet. (In response to NASA’s information website.) So, a raspberry to the astronomers.
***   ***

(Tons extra within the AFTERAMBLE.)
***   ***


   ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Your understanding will blossom into a brand new, wider, extra accepting, loving view of society and the world, Aries. 2019 will convey far journey, greater schooling, publishing/media ventures, cultural and philosophical pursuits, authorized involvements — all with an enormous spoonful of excellent luck! So decide one or two, and cost forward. (Push these to mid-April, then relaxation, re-plan till early August, then cost forth once more, to early December.)

Oh, I forgot one factor: love. You may fall in love this yr, with somebody who would make a very good wedding ceremony associate. You’ll discover love most shortly when pursuing the instructions simply talked about — far journey, schooling, and so forth. Libraries, transportation hubs, legal professionals’ workplaces, faculties, a neighbourhood philosophy membership, church, and so on. — these are fertile searching grounds.

Your profession and social standing are underneath strain. Circumstances (and the boss!) insist that you simply work onerous, however when it’s time for reward everybody falls silent. Be good humoured, long-suffering.

Some “don’t’s” earlier than mid-2020: don’t give up one job until you’ve got one other one to go to; regardless of how unfair (or boring) your work burden feels, don’t protest, simply decrease your shoulder and get the job finished; don’t push higher-ups to implement your favorite proposals. Throughout this era, outdoors forces may trigger a job change — that’s okay, stream with it. Finally, you can achieve extra from relaxation, contemplation and “family time” than from profession ambitions.

Your willpower and magnetism soar January/February. An Aquarian good friend won’t keep lengthy, however he/she makes you cheerful. March begins 7 years of “different” cash sources. You may develop charitable, give to Africa, and so on. Romance sparks this summer time and October/November. The latter interval may result in marriage, or to “war.” Get critical about chores in September. Somebody’s attracted in December — and also you’re feeling unusually attractive! Cautious with funds, investments this autumn: be deliberate, not impulsive. (I feel, unsure.)

taurus weekly forecastTAURUS:  April 20-Might 20

A shiny new world is opening up, Taurus. You acquired a brief trace of it final June to October. Now, March onward brings it in full, for 7 years. Throughout this time, you’ll be extra nervous or burdened than normal, but additionally extra pleasant and social, and extra formidable. An important 7 years of your profession progress begins now. (With a fortunate peak in 2021.) The extra social you’re, the upper you’ll climb, particularly in February (exhausting work,) Might (let your character shine, be a pacesetter), and November (alternatives). A unusual individual may be instrumental: befriend nerds and geniuses!

Financially, you face big good luck. Make investments, Taurus. Analysis, then comply with your instinct. When you’re unemployed and comparatively broke, spend money on garments to get that job, or gear, or a automotive to get to work. An individual or group you met in 2018, maybe negotiated with, now has the funds to implement a mutual challenge or enterprise. Or, it may be you who places up the cash. Both approach, it’s dedication and consequence time. Don’t worry these penalties — they’re possible very lucky.

If single, you may need met a viable companion final yr. Now, intimacy and dedication arrive. Being pregnant can greet younger couples. In the event you’re married, interact in a detective challenge, or an funding with your mate. You possibly can change your lives for the higher, earlier than 2019 ends.

Take care in authorized, worldwide, instructional, spiritual and moral zones. You’ve got an excellent, smart view of this stuff, however progress can take longer than you anticipated. That’s okay: in case you loosen up about this, you’ll advance; when you attempt to push these zones, you may get nowhere.

Your sexual magnetism surges in March. A strong, but pleasant love affair might start. (You’ll meet in a gaggle.) September and November shoot sparks of romance and sensuality!

GEMINI:  Might 21-June 20

Alternatives will fill 2019. If single, you may meet one you’ll marry. (Or marry somebody you already know.) Enterprise, public dealings, fame, relocation, partnerships and negotiations favour you all yr. If married (even when not) journey awaits you in distant locations. Attain out, make contact in virtually any sphere of life — others will reply with pleasant cheerfulness, and may grant you one thing essential to your success.

Nevertheless, be cautious with investments, debt, life fashion modifications, medical procedures, psychiatry, remedy, crime, police, unsavoury associations, lust and extra-marital temptations, secrets and techniques, collusion and “power corridors”. These can draw you, however right into a delicate lure. Stay alert, keep on your “angelic side”.  Settle for floor appearances — this yr, they’re possible true.

Your hopes and sociability are excessive January/February, and a light-weight, pleasant affair may begin — or a brand new pal will enter — or each. A love affair may begin in April, when your sexual magnetism hits a two-year excessive. (An Aquarian may “call” you earlier in 2019, however he/she is present process deep internal modifications, so the bond could possibly be unstable.)

You shine in June, too, however there could be a “cruel turn” close to mid-month. Romantic emotions know no bounds in October: your braveness is excessive, so bounce! Late yr can convey a face-to-face assembly that allows you to know what pleasure is. Say sure to a bond, or search one. This might result in an optimistic early 2020!

Your profession progress, from 2011 to 2025, is blessed with a mixture of empathy and sympathetic emotions, hunches and instinct, and “expansive activity”.  (If you expend effort, the outcomes are typically greater than you anticipated.) In 2019, you may be confronted with a selection: be a part of, merge, search and seize alternatives, relocate or marry — or chase profession ambitions. If ambitions and the urge to merge (and so on.) could be mixed, you possibly can go locations — quick!

CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Ah, Most cancers. Two most important themes mild your life in 2019. One, there’s an incredible quantity of labor to be finished. (Making it an amazing yr to hunt new or higher employment, or to chase your profession objectives.) Two, there’s an incredible quantity of significance in relationships, particularly enterprise partnerships and love bonds.

You may view 2019 as a “preparation year” for the fortunate relationship occasions of 2020. (For a extra in-depth view of 2019/20 relationships, learn your “Karmic Forecast” in PLATFORMS.) However 2019 isn’t solely a prep yr — it nudges you to deeply ponder your bonds and loyalties, what has been and what you need to be.

Usually, it’s not a very good yr to commit your self to a serious relationship, with one exception: if a bond develops shortly, at once or doubt on both aspect, it could possibly be future’s reply to your singleness. However delay, even from the surface world, hints that it is best to train your independence. (The extra inexplicable the delay, the extra it’s a warning.) That stated, many types of interplay are fairly okay: romance, friendship, intercourse, buddies with advantages, and so on. Solely “partnership” wants care or avoidance.

January/Feb. spotlight attraction, however might additionally convey  battle — or a profession increase. Somebody very candy might fill February’s days. Your willpower and intercourse attraction hit a strong degree Might/June — keep away from something extra-marital.  Might begins a 7-year part throughout which you’ll really feel continuously optimistic a few sexual attraction. This 7 years will, very probably, change your life in main methods, at your behest, your optimistic .

November may convey an previous flame — but when that is somebody who restricted or burdened you earlier than, he/she is going to once more. Others chase you in December.

Your profession has been a little bit of a wild horse since 2011. Now, at the least by Spring, it settles right into a “normal gait” for a few years. (With fortunate peaks in 2019, and mid-2022 to mid-23.) Bosses are important and impatient January/Feb., but in addition are prepared to advertise you — be keen, formidable, not indignant.

April/Might shunt you into administration spheres and closed-door conferences.  Cost forward with ambitions late Might by way of June, however keep away from being heedlessly aggressive. Who wants future enemies? Take a wee trip from profession calls for October/November — or step again quietly and let trains already in movement drive down their tracks.

Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Romance in some type MUST go to you in 2019, Leo. If single, you may fall in love with a cheerful, hot-tempered, optimistic, impatient and idealistic individual — simply your sort! This could possibly be one of many (or the) strongest sources of bliss in your life. In the event you’re not within the romance recreation, the identical nice fortune can enter your artistic, child-raising, pleasure, speculative, sports activities, gaming or comparable pursuits. One trace: dive in, don’t hesitate nor defer pleasure (et al) for a future day — seize it now. This isn’t egocentric — it’s life, blossoming.

These issues, esp. romance, can flare any time. January/Feb. hints at partnership, marital-type love. You may talk about a marriage. A former sexual associate may seem in March, which brings up a 2019 dilemma – your romantic potential is splendid, however intimacy could be a bit extra elusive. You may need to reject a lustful bond to pursue a heart-lifting one.

Pals, a effervescent social life, can introduce you to a light-weight, pleasant romantic associate April by means of June — it feels good, so circulate with no matter life provides — you’ll be full of hope! Your intercourse attraction soars in July (which may get you in hassle) and August (when pleasure fills you — and a love might result in marriage speak).

An apart right here: March begins a 7-year part during which your ambitions and your relationships are likely to merge. You may “marry up” the socio-economic scale, otherwise you may meet your mate on the job, and so forth. Keep in mind this if/when a deep, idealistic love retains breaking or being disrupted. (In that case, ambition/profession is the trigger, maybe subconsciously.) October/November may convey an off-the-cuff, pleasant hyperlink.

Strictly keep away from authorized hassles Jan./Feb. Greater-ups are impatient, temperamental late Feb. via March — be diplomatic, long-suffering. March begins 7 years of change and alternative in profession, worldly standing, and status relations. You’ll be a bit extra tense than traditional (so schedule rest time, sports activities, and so on.) however the rewards of ambition might nicely be value it.

All yr, study to work sensible, not onerous. Palms-on efforts will present little end result or finish in frustration, whereas these you rent or handle will do a splendid job. A chance to enter administration realms comes Might/June. Seize it! (Truly, work towards this all yr — straightforward, clean outcomes!) Be mild, not tyrannical on the house entrance Nov./Dec.

VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

2019 is a yr of foundations and the heat of latest safety, Virgo. If you wish to succeed, to develop your life and checking account, concentrate on your residence, household, residence. Promote and purchase actual property, particularly your personal. If renting, search a greater place and deal. Purchase furnishings, beautify or renovate, construct an awesome new backyard, hug the youngsters, stroll, hike or paddle in nature. It’s a good time to “get back to the land,” because the hippies would say. Improve safety, construct a fence or set up CCTV.

At work, increase or crystallize gross sales territory, or concentrate on premises, leases, location. You may purchase a house you glimpsed in 2018 on your travels. In some instances, a brand new love bond may convey a brand new house. Younger couples may welcome a child.

Psychologically, you entry a properly of confidence and calm deep inside you now. This could put together you to take new, adventurous steps in 2020 and 2022, when fortunate alternatives will name. When you’ve got skeletons or are sometimes weary, remedy can “clean out” your internal rubbish can. (Or examine a CPAP machine.)

Love. Hmm. This yr, love can seem in three types: 1) home bliss with somebody snug (most certainly to start out or exist all yr); 20 and/or deep, heavy romance with somebody troublesome or totally different (esp. January/Feb.); three) and/or mild romance with a caring, delicate individual (almost definitely June/July). Solely the deep, heavy attraction wants warning. If this proceeds directly – assembly to kissing – good. It might even be destined. But when there’s any delay, flip away — it could possibly be a velvet lure.

January/Feb. will intensify sexual urges, and may nudge you to take a position. Within the latter case, your greatest investments shall be in land; second greatest, something involving meals, shelter, mining, forestry. Your intercourse attraction (and braveness) surge late August to early October. This similar time heightens your funding urges.

Your ideas flip to a former “friend” in November, with a wee sensual tug. I wouldn’t hassle. December begins a yr of massive romance — although it wants care till Might 2020.

Well being-wise, this can be a good yr. Maintain that loo scale — you’ll eat with relish, and your waist may increase. The previous 7 years have held some critical well being developments. From March onward, critical well being circumstances will are likely to recede.

LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The overall image is pretty easy this yr, Libra. On one aspect, you’ll really feel stressed, will probably interact in a collection of brief journeys. On the opposite, your property or house will attempt to nail your footwear to at least one spot… and can attempt to do that by creating issues in your home sphere. (I say “creating” however in fact these difficulties are a results of long-term neglect, incorrect objectives, or different “self causes”. Which provides a clue to their answer.) The issues could possibly be bodily (e.g., flooded basement) or emotional (e.g., a toddler has troubles).

You’ll stroll right into a flurry of errands, communications, visits, paperwork, and lots of straightforward, fast chores. Often I’d say, Why waste time with these? However in 2019, one thing fairly lucky may come up from these errands, and so forth. As an example, an on a regular basis e-mail involving your job might introduce you to a brilliant new pal; even a witty, cheeky however charming and pleasant love. You may, throughout your stressed travels, come throughout a home or residence you’ll purchase this December into Dec. 2020. (Your home and actual property luck soar December 2019 onward.)

Romance gained’t be an enormous driver this yr. However a serious change happens: March ends 7 years of romantic/marital attraction; 7 years of unpredictable, thrilling love adventures with disruptive or unanticipated outcomes. These of you who felt Cupid and married since 2011 will all the time love your partner. However the 7 years forward shunt your romantic urges away from the wedding sector, and towards the zone of intercourse, intimacy, deep modifications, monetary value, secrets and techniques and commitments and penalties.

From right here on, each romance and intercourse will intertwine, and may swiftly change your complete life. Keep away from extra-marital temptations: they might change your life in horrible methods. Younger couples may face a shock being pregnant, whereas some may want a fertility specialist.

February, June and August supply your greatest romantic possibilities. July may deliver an previous flame, however not one you’ve pined over.

Your profession and worldly standing will stream with mellow ease now to Might 2020. Though I’ve stated above that residence/property/household might be an enormous focus, do solely what’s needed on this space, no more. It’s a dicey time to promote or purchase actual property. In promoting, your worth is perhaps unrealistic. In well being, watch your digestion and sexual organs. Your neurological construction may want consideration.

SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Present me the cash — that’s your theme music for 2019. Final yr, you may need labored on a challenge (or just made plans) meant to fatten your pockets. This yr, that early effort ought to repay. Even in the event you did nothing money-wise in 2018, 2019 provides nice possibilities to activate the $ faucet. Ask for a pay increase, search better-paying employment, collect new shoppers, promote gadgets, and so forth.

You’ll find splendid bargains, however you are feeling beneficiant, with a bent to pay an excessive amount of. Good cash prospects seem in January, June, and November. From March onward, you’ll start to see actual property as a chance (for 7 years, to 2025). This is among the higher occasions to purchase (and promote) a house (earlier than December).

Larger-ups are impatient, temperamental July/August. Usually, your profession/employment are in fine condition. This can be a good yr to start out your personal enterprise. (Keep away from beginning throughout March, July or November.)

On one degree, love stays mellow all yr, and bodily intimacy is straightforward to realize. Late February by means of March opens the door to your coronary heart. A horny previous flame might re-ignite a strong bond. You’re very sexually oriented April/Might, however don’t anticipate a clean journey.

All yr, a marriage is favoured, and comparatively straightforward to realize for singles. In July, mild love can raise your coronary heart and put your thoughts in a cloud of bliss. Late summer time brings a candy good friend. Your intercourse attraction soars late November into December.

On one other degree, although, 2019 brings the primary of seven years of unpredictable relationships. Abruptly, you begin to meet vibrant, thrilling, unpredictable, maybe even wonky individuals. Some acquaintances will open doorways to alternatives in meals and shelter areas, actual property, forestry and mining. Others may supply to share a house with you, or to companion with you in these areas (meals/shelter, and so on.). If married, your partner can instantly act extra independently, or his/her situation may change.

Ultimately, residence/safety and love/marriage will maintain palms. But, all this however, you stay in a real love environment the identical 7 years. Romance might shock you!

SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Wow, that is your yr, Sage! Your luck and confidence soar! Be reasonable however not restricted. You’ll be able to achieve virtually something you select, and your success might broaden past your expectations. You’ll in all probability journey internationally, attend faculty, write or publish (together with web), delve into a brand new philosophy or faith, attend cultural occasions and social rites, and embrace love — both love of one other, or of all humanity. (The final is greatest.)

Two areas want care: 1) earnings, purchases; and a couple of) romance, artistic ventures. (For particulars on earnings and possessions, learn your Karmic Forecast in PLATFORMS.) In romance, 7 years of lively however pretty informal amour finish now, letting you “revert” to strange, extra passionate involvements. Ditto for artistic, speculative, pleasure and child-teaching conditions.

Others will probably be interested in you all yr. Don’t waste this by settling for an “easy” sensual relationship — it possible will become not really easy, and will even open the door to poor luck. As an alternative, you can discover that an affair I typically advise towards (deep, mysterious lust) truly advantages you. Somebody needs to marry you. A Gemini, Aries or Leo might determine prominently.

Romance is highly effective January/Feb. (Cautious January.) You’ll both make an enemy (particularly in the event you let your well-known mood fly!) or a strong, intense partnership, April to June. (The partnership is extra probably, esp. as April’s so loving.) Romance turns deeply sexual Might/June. True, sensible love awaits you July/August. A social, pleasant love might come up in October.

Your funds want cautious motion and thought. Brief-term cash (earnings, gross sales, purchases of depreciating gadgets) lags, tempts, eludes. However long-term $ (investments, debt/discount, house buy) yield seemingly “unearned” rewards. (You’re coping with karma right here.)

For the subsequent 7 years (beginning in March) your work may lean towards journey, communication, paperwork and a mess of pleasant contacts. Be diplomatic in September, when higher-ups are impatient, temperamental — and don’t need to hear your artistic/creative proposals.

CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

2019 gained’t be your yr to win huge prizes or to draw fawning crowds. As an alternative, this yr provides you a much-needed and deeply rejuvenating relaxation, a respiration area. Quietude comes simply — use it to ponder your life. How did you get thus far, and the place do you go from right here?

You’re in the midst of a 14-year part that has three objectives: 1) rework you, from head to toe; 2) filter out your social circle, deleting previous relations and bringing new ones; and three) altering or totally altering your life objectives. This course of, although it’d depart you questioning or “out of the swim” for awhile, will finally show to be a superb one, refreshing you, and bathing your life with newness. 2019 is a wonderful time to ponder this course of, and to quietly tinker with your path.

Civil servants, administrative and institutional staff loom giant from January to November. So do brokers, advisors, and well being staff. All these might shock you with their generosity. It’s a good time to vary your well being habits, or your medicine. Pondering, meditation, religious and charitable pursuits will bless you.

All yr, search to hitch others — in mutual ventures and in affection. Should you, for occasion, ask somebody for a romantic date they usually say no, you’ll nonetheless really feel a pleasant glow of satisfaction since you had the braveness to attempt. Others, even when they flip you down, will achieve this graciously, even affectionately. Now to Might 2020, interdependence will lead you to clean progress, whereas independence can inexplicably frustrate you.

You’re energetic and efficient January/Feb. Your property calls for consideration. Romance, magnificence, pleasure or self-expression turn into a driving pressure in March. This month kicks off a 7-year part of sudden, unpredictable occasions in all these areas (romance, magnificence, et al). Cash or possessions (or possessiveness) can be inextricably tied to like.

You may start what seems to be an off-the-cuff, sensual affair; however it may well turn out to be a full-fledged amour. Love is most favoured in January (you’re engaging), Might (maybe with a co-worker), July (thrilling assembly and deeply sexual urges), September (mild, mellow love) and November (pleasant flirting, perhaps an previous flame).

Greater-ups are snarky, impatient and short-tempered October/November, so be diplomatic. You may finish one job to embrace one other. Strictly keep away from authorized hassles mid-August to early October.

AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

It’s a want achievement yr, Aquarius. 2019 brings a buoyant increase in reputation, completely satisfied social gatherings, flirtations and lightweight romance, leisure and optimism concerning the future. Each even-numbered month (Feb., April, June, and so forth.) will have a tendency to spice up your luck. One factor: your needs and social occasions can battle with your cash state of affairs. Don’t combine pals and $ in 2019.

You’ll finish many tasks and bonds within the 7 years forward — beginning this Spring. Your attachment to residence will swell; you may even change jobs, to attract your revenue from development, actual property gross sales, meals and shelter areas, forestry or mining — any Gaia-related actions.

Renovate mid-February by way of March. Management your mood and be mild with youngsters, similar interval. April to June sparks robust romantic urges. Your braveness is excessive, so cost forth, strategy, flirt — speak! A Gemini could be concerned.

July/August draw you towards an individual who “balances” you, could possibly be a viable mate prospect. (Might be an previous flame or ex-spouse.) Highly effective sexual urges go to you late August to early October. Your social life will get a ultimate wee increase in November — an incredible month to check your greatest future, and march towards it,

A former cash supply may return in March. Arduous work faces you Might/June — plunge in! Your profession luck rises in November — you might be promoted, or a former profession/job position might return — or each. Stick as a lot as attainable to hands-on work. Gently flip from managerial roles, as they could later encompass you with boredom or frustration. This isn’t the most effective yr to argue with the federal government, enter establishments, or cope with brokers.

Typically we’d like recommendation, and typically our personal impulses/instinct are much better. For you, Aquarius, the latter is true this yr — keep away from counting on psychics, counsellors, astrologers, and so forth. This isn’t an excellent yr for solitude, withdrawal, relaxation, meditation — not even for planning. Cost forward on your personal optimism as an alternative.

One factor’s for sure: you’ll be comfortable in 2019, and two main life needs will come true!

PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Your profession or employment, your standing in life, meet very lucky circumstances in 2019, Pisces. You’ll face at the least two alternatives to maneuver up. (One among these may need already occurred in Nov./Dec. 2018.) These possibilities to climb the ladder will probably come via your work, however a few of you’ll transfer up by marrying, even by being “adopted”. (E.g., a wealthy good friend pulls you into his/her life.) Nevertheless, don’t try and rise by way of social connections — if it occurs, good; however for those who pursue this, it can fail.

This yr it’s not who you already know, however what you do/produce. You’ll be able to — and really probably will — attain a decades-long pinnacle. Be cheerful, keen, hard-working and, above all, assume massive. Parts of journey, media, regulation, schooling or tradition can enter your occupational state of affairs, in a rewarding means.

Chase cash Jan./Feb. and April — however tighten up on spending or YOU might turn into the cash supply. February may open a door to a administration place. June is the least useful month for profession development, nevertheless it’s nice for residence, household, ornament and love. July/August convey exhausting work; a former job position may faucet your shoulder.

September brings cash alternatives (potential $ partnerships) should you can keep away from preventing, arguing. Spend money on October. (An abroad alternative?) November may deliver a delay or reconsideration — in case you haven’t but grabbed the profession elevator, give it one final attempt. (One other alternative will come up in January 2020, nevertheless it’s intense, perhaps harsh.)

All yr, goal for deep, significant romance; yield to ardour in love, artwork, video games and self-expression. Don’t play the sector or interact in a light-weight, pleasant love affair, attempt to be common or grow to be a celebration animal — these will disappoint or frustrate you.

You’re indecisive about your life path in March. A associate, partner or lover may be the trigger. Be mild at house, with youngsters, April/Might. Your romantic ardour flares Might to July. Somebody may chase you October/November… and also you gained’t thoughts!



Lately, I wrote that China’s know-how planet was in a dicey diploma, opening the door to mental theft. However I didn’t point out that, when in China October 2017, I used to be blown away by the ultra-clarity of Huawei’s photograph screens — far superior to Apple’s.

I feel (and I don’t need to tread on racist floor right here) that the U.S. excels in technological innovation, however China excels in execution, in craftsmanship. I noticed this on the high-speed trains in China, too. So, why don’t they co-operate? The U.S. might provide the innovators, and China the improvers/perfecters. Collectively, these two might develop into the dominant leaders of the world, maybe even lead us into a brand new golden “city on the hill,” because the mystics wish to name it.
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The united statesA. will make some good strikes, will show knowledge all 2019, however particularly Sept. 28 to October eight. The anti-American/anti-Trump political scorn filling Europe (e.g., Macron, Merkel) will die down — no less than for some time. Spain, Honduras, Hawaii, Yemen, Haiti, Hungary, Sweden, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Switzerland will are likely to have a poor yr, principally involving or because of the hierarchy.
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A reader despatched the next query to the COMMENTS part, and because it in all probability displays the doubts of quite a lot of readers, I assumed I’d reproduce it right here, verbatim, with my reply:

The Remark:
Pricey Tim: I’m questioning in case you can website your sources for the feedback you made within the after ramble for this weeks column. You make some claims relating to Hillary Clinton and the FBI and what looks like legal accusations towards sure FBI brokers. I’m not saying you’re improper I identical to to see information backed up by precise unbiased sources. Particularly underneath these type of circumstances the place individuals are accused of all types of issues however there isn’t any authorized proof to help such assertions. I’ve by no means seen any sort of knowledge or information reviews within the USA or else the place which have said these allegations as authorized reality or proof. So with out this type of acknowledged supply what you write is Hear Say and never fact based mostly on a evidentiary premise, however mere perception or propaganda. So I might be very to know your sources for these particulars of 19,000 emails gone lacking by the soiled individuals, the crooked FBI investigation that was carried out however cleared Clinton of incorrect doing and so forth and so forth you converse of all of it in what appears a somewhat conspiracy concept babble approach. So I want to see the precise studies and details. Or do you plan to be the decide, and jury based mostly on your perception and never actual proof. Some how we’ve entered a spot in time and historical past the place individuals can spout all types of theories to satisfy their very own biased perception methods, however it doesn’t make it actuality. I sit up for your suggestions. Sort Regards, Debleah.

My Reply:

My supply was the DOJ Inspector Basic, which discovered that over 19,000 emails between soiled FBI brokers Liza Web page and Peter Strzok had been “wiped clean” (the I.G.’s phrases) by Particular Counsel Robert Mueller’s workplace, after Mueller* found their emails held proof of their conspiracy to de-throne Trump. (Google “19000 emails missing DOJ IG”, or learn the I.G. Report, or no matter you favor.)

(* If Mueller actually believed within the fact, he would have left the emails for others to see and decide. This can be a prosecutor who destroys proof.)

As for Hillary’s emails, the June 2018 Inspector Common’s report confirmed that 30,000+ Clinton emails have been deleted.

For extra element, I quote Wikipedia:

“In 2014, months previous to public information of the server’s existence, Clinton chief of employees Cheryl Mills and two attorneys labored to determine work-related emails on the server to be archived and preserved for the State Division. Upon completion of this activity in December 2014, Mills instructed Clinton’s pc providers supplier, Platte River Networks (PRN), to vary the server’s retention interval to 60 days, permitting 31,830 older private emails to be mechanically deleted from the server, as Clinton had determined she not wanted them. Nevertheless, the PRN technician assigned for this activity failed to hold it out at the moment.[98]

“After the existence of the server became publicly known on March 2, 2015,[99] the Select Committee on Benghazi issued a subpoena for Benghazi-related emails two days later. Mills sent an email to PRN on March 9 mentioning the Committee’s retention request.[98] The PRN technician then had what he described to the FBI as an “oh shit moment,” realizing he had not set the private emails to be deleted as instructed months earlier. The technician then erased the emails utilizing a free utility, BleachBit, someday between March 25 and March 31.[100]”

However Deb, I’m wondering in case you have confused me with CNN, the New York Occasions, and different media that body opinion as reality, and steadily broadcast and publish false, unsubstantiated tales?