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     ~ Desiderata

This forecast is for Dec. 30, 2018 to January 5, 2019. To learn this week’s horoscope, go to the sidebar on the suitable, scroll right down to ‘Recent Posts’ and click on on Dec. 23 to the 29th.

Please Word: In case you are viewing this on a cell phone, the Translate buttons and World Clock will seem on the backside of this website.  (请注意:  如果您在手机上看到这一点,翻译按钮和世界时钟将出现在这个网站的底部。)

All occasions/Dates are PST – Pacific Normal Time zone. PST is eight hours earlier than Greenwich England (BST). For instance when it is midday PST right here, it is eight PM in England – and four AM the subsequent day in China. You’ll be able to Google ‘time zone converter’ for your personal zone.

START NOTHING: 2:53 pm to five:23 pm Solar., 2:26 pm Tues. to zero:58 am Wed., and 9:41 am to 10:55 am Fri.



ALL SIGNS: Final week, this week and the subsequent two emphasize the very factor that is karmically troublesome via the 17 months forward — however particularly this month and this week (Jan. four to six).

This troublesome space will draw you; it tempts, maybe mightily, but it additionally holds sudden, and  seemingly inexplicable outcomes. Three prospects: 1) your actions yield fast, welcome outcomes; 2) delays happen — in that case, delay is your good friend, making an attempt to save lots of you from an enormous mistake; three) you ignore or overcome these delays or small obstacles and  push till you get what you need — during which case, ultimately, you’ll want you by no means had. For extra info, learn your “Karmic Forecast” in PLATFORMS.
***   ***

See how far the NASDAQ has fallen? Know-how, therefore tech shares, have been broken by Uranus’ retrograde movement the previous couple of months. Uranus goes direct January 6, so the NASDAQ will have a tendency to seek out its path after that. However very quickly, early March, this planet will enter the signal Taurus. Onerous to inform, however I think many tech shares may stumble for the 7 years that begin this March. Not all. However I’d embrace Apple. If you need, lookup your favorite tech firm’s incorporation date: if it lay between March 20 and April 19, it may need poor revenues till 2026. This “change-over” of Uranus’ signal can be a shock to banks, as I’ve talked about a couple of occasions.
***  ***

Keep in mind, on a regular basis/day divisions for your signal’s Weekly Forecast are Pacific Normal. For Europe, add eight to 10 hours. For India, 13; for China, 16 hours, and so forth. (For japanese Asia, you can virtually add a day, roughly, to all of the dates denoted under.)
***   ***


   ARIES:  March 21-April 19

This week: The accent stays in your status objectives — profession development, elevating your worldly standing, and so forth. Don’t attempt too mightily right here, nor be tempted to “cut corners”.  Your greatest default should you’re not sure:  withdraw. This is an excellent, comparatively clean week. Monday brings Mars to your signal for six weeks — you’ll discover a return of assertiveness, confidence and willpower — and also you’ll glow with intercourse attraction.

Solar. morning/day:  You may meet somebody who doesn’t consider who you’re — or have grow to be. You’re about to, or really feel pushed to, make a short-term settlement with somebody who raises your hopes about life, could possibly be a pal. Don’t assume you’ll lose right here.

6 pm Solar. by way of Tues.:  You’re going deeper with somebody. Or one thing, like a monetary enterprise, a analysis/detective challenge, a medical or way of life dedication or the embrace of energy. Plenty of good possibilities to succeed/win right here.

Wed. to 10 am Fri.:  You awaken to greater concepts, themes of world-wide understanding, mind, schooling, tradition — and love. (Many single Aries will discover love, weddings in 2019.) Love is like springtime freshness, and but it’s previous. You may make a brand new good friend.

11 am Fri. by way of Sat.:  Don’t let mood or impatience trigger issues or mis-timed motion Fri. afternoon. Be formidable however proceed with some warning.

taurus weekly forecastTAURUS:  April 20-Might 20

This week:  Psychological concord, mild love, and pondering the large questions — these name you throughout this straightforward week and the subsequent two. Purchase journey tickets, know your authorized rights, contact students, foreigners. However understand this entire zone is unreliable, and can are likely to spark your least honourable motives, so proceed cautiously, with an eye fixed on your self. (Learn “ALL SIGNS” above.) Current (sensual) depth round a friendship or a pleasant love attraction, dies down now to mid-February. On the similar time, this depth shifts to your internal and personal worlds, which can assist your monetary and intimate objectives.

Solar. morning/day:  Deal with chores. Eat, gown sensibly. Cautious round electrical energy.

6 pm Solar. by way of Tues.:  Relationships face you – in loving methods. Bounce on alternatives, cope with the general public, make buddies, present affection. All’s properly!  (Besides: somebody you meet Tues. night time may disappoint you ultimately.)

Wed. to 10 am Fri.:  Secrets and techniques, mysteries. Now you plunge to the guts of your mate, or persuade enterprise associates to disclose their funds. It’s time for funding, dedication, embrace, way of life modifications and medical procedures. Hold secrets and techniques, however study others’ — you possibly can talk about virtually something now. A high-tech funding seems to be good. Cautious pre-dawn Thurs. — delicate deception.

11 am Fri. by means of Sat.:  Mild love, journey, mental pursuits. Re-read the primary three sentences of “This week” above. Cautious Fri. afternoon — argument attainable, and you’re a bit weak this time. Saturday’s advantageous — search love, information, peace.

GEMINI:  Might 21-June 20

This week:  Till January 19, intercourse/lust, intimacy, monetary actions, medical selections, analysis and detective work, dedication and consequence fill the weeks. This space will draw you, maybe mightily; but it additionally holds sudden, and sometimes seemingly inexplicable outcomes. Three prospects: 1) your actions yield fast, welcome outcomes. 2) delays happen — in that case, delay is your good friend, making an attempt to save lots of you from an enormous mistake. three) you ignore or overcome these delays or small obstacles and  push till you get what you need — during which case, ultimately, you’ll want you by no means had. This holds very true with funds and intercourse. Although the few weeks forward emphasize this tri-part risk, all the 17 months forward supply the identical warning. (BTW, the open, trustworthy aspect of relationships stays very beneficial.)

Solar. morning/day:  You are feeling in love. The world shines with magnificence. A relationship both sparks with sudden attraction, or surprises within the different path.

6 pm Solar. by means of Tues.:  To work, chores await. Care for your well being. You’ll make nice progress, all flows nicely. Your Monday efforts might yield reward, even promotion vibes. Tuesday’s loving, affectionate —and attractive. However keep in mind what I stated above, for “This week.”  Monday begins 6 weeks of hope, optimism and good pals.

Wed. to 10 am Fri.:  Relationships, relocation themes, recent horizons (even mentally — settle for totally different concepts), alternatives and dealings with the general public fill this interval. You would fall in love! This is admiration of somebody; if solely lust speaks, be cautious. The opposite individual could be greater than prepared. Just one attainable glitch, early Thurs. — profession duties may pull you away from a love or a chance. However an outstanding few days!

11 am Fri. by means of Sat.:  Re-read my warnings in “This week” above. Keep away from an argument Fri. (And DO NOT make investments impulsively.) Saturday flows easily. Perform some research or detective work.

CANCER:  June 21-July 22

This week:  Relationships, recent horizons, alternatives, relocation themes, and dealings with the general public are emphasised this week and the subsequent few. (“Dealing with the public” = something from being a retailer clerk to a rock star.) For the subsequent 17 months, be cautious with all these themes — however particularly this January and notably Jan. four, 5, 6. (Learn “ALL SIGNS” above for the three “possibilities” — in your case this applies to relationships, alternatives, and so forth. — particularly a marital risk.) For six weeks forward, higher-ups develop impatient, but may promote you.

Solar. morning/day:  Domesticity reigns. Hug the youngsters, bake, restore, chill out, sink into nature, backyard and different beauties. A profession demand may draw you away — be calm.

6 pm Solar. by way of Tues.:  Ardour, romance, self-expression, artistic and risk-taking actions, magnificence and pleasure fill this interval, and fill it luckily. Your coronary heart might soar. Take pleasure in! Somebody met Mon. is in all probability a very good hyperlink or affect: he/she might train or enlighten you. However somebody met Tues., though a candy, engaging individual, is in all probability — solely in all probability — “unconsciously dangerous”.  He/she holds the seeds of relationship destruction inside. (Learn Gemini’s “This week” for the three prospects.)

Wed. to 10 am Fri.:  To work — and enhance your well being (nutritional vitamins, train, and so forth.) You’ll succeed, can considerably scale back your pile of chores. (You’ll do additional nicely with pc work.) Just one “odd note” — a journey, authorized, love or mental undertaking ought to be prevented pre-dawn Thurs.

11 am Fri. by means of Sat.:  Relationships! Re-read “This week” above — now these themes come to a head. Often, this can be a very good time to start out a brand new hyperlink, however contemplate rigorously earlier than you commit.

Leo icon, Luck ForecastLEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

This week:  Is full of chores, as are the subsequent two. Learn “ALL SIGNS” above relating to “difficult karma”. Shield your self and your time— don’t be run ragged by the calls for of bosses or youngsters. (Particularly Fri./Sat.) Do what is essential, no extra. For instance, don’t flip a house restore right into a renovation. This is a clean, straightforward week. Simply plod forward and get it carried out. Monday begins 6 weeks of impulses to journey afar, attend faculty, wed/fall in love, or interact with media, promote, search fame. Superb impulses!

Solar. morning/day:  Errands, journeys, visits, calls, paperwork. One in every of these may convey you to a love, or a mentally-stimulating good friend.

6 pm Solar. via Tues.:  Be house, hug the youngsters (and partner!), backyard, restore, loosen up, ponder and nurture. Not a cloud within the sky — all’s properly. However be cautious Tues. night time, when somebody may attempt to dump a really giant chore on you. It’s far bigger (or more durable to deal with) than it seems. Don’t let repairs turn out to be renovations.

Wed. to 10 am Fri.:  Ah, romance! This, or the effective fury of creativity, hypothesis, self-expression, loving/educating youngsters, go to you. If single, you possibly can meet a future mate, despite the fact that you’re in a common work phase. A friendship results in laughter, wit — worth this individual! One glitch: don’t confuse romance with intercourse/lust pre-dawn Thurs.

11 am Fri. by way of Sat.:  The work intensifies. As warned above, don’t choose to fill your life with work; and don’t decide to future efforts, bonds. Do what’s crucial, no extra. Sidestep a battle Fri. Saturday’s clean.

VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

This week:  And the subsequent two emphasize creativity, danger, profitable, pleased, charming youngsters, magnificence, pleasure, and deep romance. A few of this will probably be good, however a lot will subtly sabotage your progress. Learn “ALL SIGNS” above relating to the three prospects. In love (or its potential) when you’re not sure, default to mild, pleasant romance. In pleasure, default to social pleasure or group actions. Monday begins 6 weeks of intense sexual want — and magnetism. Keep away from extra-marital involvements.

Solar. morning/day:  Search cash and bargains. Pay payments and ship invoices. You may expertise a light “shock” involving intimacy, a sexual attraction.

6 pm Solar. via Tues.:  This is a light-weight, busy, upbeat time. Carry out errands, visits, journey, communications, media or paperwork. Be curious, ask questions, learn, notice particulars. Relationships lean towards concord, affection, esp. Mon. However Tuesday night time’s “friend” could possibly be a deep romance (in disguise?) — and carries the warnings (and potential triumphs)  denoted in “ALL SIGNS” above.

Wed. to 10 am Fri.:  House, youngsters, backyard, nature, vitamin, repairs and “building a base” are slated. This is your space of nice good luck in 2019. “Building a base” — this can check with gross sales territory, constructing a enterprise’s foundations; or just making your youngsters really feel safer, enhancing their schooling fund, investing in your personal retirement — or merely enjoyable to reinforce your future work efforts. You may purchase a property — splendid outcomes! One factor: don’t anticipate co-operation, and don’t search companions.

11 am Fri. by way of Sat.:  Romance calls. So do magnificence, fast pleasure, artistic and speculative urges, sports activities and video games. A brand new love may start. However learn “ALL SIGNS” relating to the three prospects. Principally clean, however keep away from a battle over intercourse or funds Friday.

LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

This week: The accent lies on domesticity this week and the subsequent two, Libra. Please learn “ALL SIGNS” above relating to this space. A quite good cash interval ends subsequent week, so do what now you can in buying, amassing, in search of a increase or new shoppers, and so forth.

Monday begins 6 weeks of intense relationship vibes. If single, you may meet your mate (a lot better, for most Libras, after Jan. 20). If married, your bond both sparkles and re-ignites, or fixed preventing begins. Be candy! All of you must train diplomacy, particularly with “angry strangers”. The current week is pretty clean.

Solar. morning/day:  Your power and attractiveness stay excessive. You’ll meet somebody glowing, vigorous, unpredictable.

6 pm Solar. by way of Tues.:  Chase cash. Purchase/promote, search bargains, construct your clientele or search additional time/pay increase, ship payments and pay ‘em. (DON’T purchase actual property, until it conforms to the #1 risk within the “ALL SIGNS” above.) All is properly — good luck rides with you. Your work and well being profit Mon. Tuesday night time may tempt you to choose for safety over ambition — I wouldn’t.

Wed. to 10 am Fri.:  Errands, communications, journey, informal contacts, paperwork, media, curiosity — dive into these. They’re your supply of luck all 2019. (How? An excessive instance: somebody with whom you change emails might turn out to be a mate, or provide you with a warning to a superb job opening, and so on. Your communications fashion, BTW, is admired by multiple individual now.) You would start a love affair, virtually with out anticipating it — or make or cement an ideal friendship. Just one false word, pre-dawn Thurs., maybe an upset abdomen or fuzzy fascinated with a activity. It’s minor.

11 am Fri. via Sat.:  Cautious!  Argument potential Fri., maybe with partner. However greater hazard is that you simply’ll sidle right into a (home?) state of affairs that guarantees a lot, however will possible pull you into disappointment.

SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

This week:  The accent lies on straightforward chores, errands, journey, informal associates, chatting and all every day (i.e., not deep) communications — this week and the subsequent two. Principally, beware losing time with these floor efforts — learn “ALL SIGNS” above for extra clues. Your actual luck in 2019 lies in cash and profundities. (Quickly, this cash luck will swell, Jan. 7 to early Feb.) Monday begins 6 weeks of arduous work. Do it, overlook chatting, twiddling —particularly Tues. night time and Fri./Sat.

Solar. morning/day:  Lie low, ponder, watch and pay attention, relaxation. Maybe a shock about work/well being (or house repairs) mid-afternoon in North and South Americas

6 pm Solar. via Tues.:  Your power and private attraction soar! Get out, see and be seen, begin vital tasks, be a pacesetter, ask favours, be with somebody you need to impress. (Good time for a date, esp. a spontaneous one.) Monday eve favours romance. If married, your youngsters raise your coronary heart. Tuesday might “offer up” a candy, affectionate hyperlink. Don’t, this night time, waste or diminish what might be love or an essential sensible contact/alternative by feeling/appearing too casually.

Wed. to 10 am Fri.:  Pursue the $. Discover bargains, search shoppers, ask for extra pay, and so forth. Your reminiscence features at prime degree now — good time to study, memorize. All’s nicely — however keep away from romance. (Sure, intercourse/lust can transfer you, can succeed, but when this is a “new  conquest” it can probably by no means develop into love.) A late, nice fortunate stroke might clear up money-domestic-repair-work issues or result in an amazing alternative in the identical zone. Or, you can make a brand new pal!

11 am Fri. by means of Sat.:  Errands, communications, journeys, paperwork — do these, however don’t broaden them — solely what’s vital. Keep away from a piece battle — and comply with security guidelines on Fri.

SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

This week: Cash, revenue sources, shopping for bargains, promoting, sensual points of interest and rote studying (e.g. night time faculty or grade faculty) are highlighted this week to Jan. 19. Earlier than you plunge in, although, learn “ALL SIGNS” above (within the PREAMBLE). Monday begins 6 weeks of intense romance (artistic, creative, playing, pleasure pursuits for the non-romantic).

Solar. morning/day:  Optimism, social joys, reputation! You may meet a brand new pal, or instantly (not painfully) finish a “friendship.”

6 pm Solar. by way of Tues.:  Retreat, lie low, ponder and concoct plans. Interface with civil servants, admin. staff, brokers and/or advisors. Good time to go to a physician, psychic, or such, esp. Monday. This present day additionally aids your progress in home zones. Keep away from cash, shopping for, Tues.

Wed. to 10 am Fri.:  Your character sparkles! Clout, effectiveness, charisma, power — all excessive! Begin vital tasks, see and be seen, be a pacesetter. All’s nicely, all’s lucky. An off-the-cuff remark or temporary journey might introduce you to new love, even a marital alternative. (Or, ongoing hyperlinks shock with happiness.)

11 am Fri. by way of Sat.:  Cash, possessions, “friendly lust” — these fill this interval. Watch out what you would like for. Re-read “ALL SIGNS” above. Lover’s spat potential Fri. — sail round it?

CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

This week: You’re in energy. Your power, clout, effectiveness, charisma, all are at a yearly excessive. BUT — what are you doing with it? This is not a time for independence — attempt to use your heightened charisma to draw others, after which to hop on THEIR bandwagon. (For extra clues, learn “ALL SIGNS” within the PREAMBLE above.)

In your case, it refers to your want to advance your self, to be in cost, and to be unbiased. Monday begins 6 weeks of depth, willpower and motion on your house entrance. You may renovate, or such — I wouldn’t purchase actual property, tho.

Solar. morning/day:  Be formidable. You may have to determine (swiftly!) between house and profession. Not a serious factor.

6 pm Solar. by means of Tues.:  Needs can come true, particularly throughout this fortunate interval! Optimism, reputation, social joys, leisure, flirtations — all buoy your spirits. A good friend will get in contact Mon. Don’t insist by yourself approach Tues. — you’ll get it, however in time you’ll in all probability want you hadn’t. Happiness exists!

Wed. to 10 am Fri.:  Retreat, regather your power, recharge your emotional and psychological batteries. No massive issues. The gov’t, or a big firm, or an establishment, or charity, will reply to your request for assist with shocking quickness and favour.

11 am Fri. by way of Sat.:  Your power, charisma, et al, return powerfully! Re-read “This week” above. Use your power and charisma, excessive now, to hitch others moderately than separate. Going your personal method will probably be like conquering an empty metropolis, because the I Ching says. Potential argument Fri. — however extra possible your home state of affairs offers a snag.

AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

This week: And the subsequent two steer you towards relaxation, contemplation, planning, and dealings with establishments, company administrations, gov’t, in addition to well being staff, psychics/astrologers, advisors and brokers. Okay — however don’t overdo this, for this space holds little profit, and may trigger potential disappointments in case you withdraw an excessive amount of, now and for 17 months forward. (Learn “ALL SIGNS” within the PREAMBLE above for extra clues.) Monday begins 6 weeks of hectic exercise — mail, calls, visits, paperwork, and so forth.

Solar. morning/day:  Candy pondering! Daydream, or interact in philosophical discussions. Somebody says one thing that “alerts” you — maybe you decide up a touch of somebody’s attraction — to you or to a good friend/beloved one. You may get a request to journey.

6 pm Solar. by means of Tues.:  Be formidable. Your profession is very favoured, higher-ups are receptive. Cost forward! Monday, attempt inserting cash elements — e.g., ask for a increase, or improve your costs. Keep away from in search of employment or a profession increase in administration or administrative areas Tues. — and for 17 months.

Wed. to 10 am Fri.:  Want achievement, reputation, social delights, flirtations, leisure and optimism — these gained’t be actually robust since you’re in a “quiet period” till Jan. 20. However do pursue them! Solely fear: don’t overspend, nor combine $ and buddies. You’ll be pleased.

11 am Fri. by means of Sat.:  Quietude, solitude float down on you want a delicate cloud. Chill out, relaxation, ponder, plan — however as said above, don’t overdo this. Establishments don’t favour you, regardless of appearances. Keep away from battle or indignant phrases Fri. Saturday’s clean, straightforward….

PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

This week: You’re in an optimistic, social, pleasant, flirtatious, comfortable place. A want might come true. Nevertheless, oddly, this place and this stuff – although emphasised this January – are more likely to result in a sure temptation to make dangerous selections. You already know the appropriate selection, deep down, however may select wrongly in order to not upset others, or as a result of one thing extra scrumptious tempts you.

Understand the proper selection will increase you in future, even when it’d deny you a “plum”. Whereas the mistaken one, although providing current rewards, will probably disappoint, even lure, over time. This is applicable till Might 2020. (Learn “ALL SIGNS” within the PREAMBLE above, for extra clues.) Monday begins 6 weeks of intense cash movement — to you, and from you for those who’re not conscious, cautious.

Solar. morning/day:  Intercourse, lust, want for energy, monetary actions, analysis, medical wants — these come up. A $ shock.

6 pm Solar. by means of Tues.:  Love, understanding soar — gently! Pursue mental, far journey, authorized, publishing and cultural objectives — they’re very favoured. Cautious Tues. night time — you may need to set up a brand new pal or be a part of a gaggle, however this/these ones may weigh you down relatively than raise you up in future. All’s properly!

Wed. to 10 am Fri.:  Your profession, worldly standing, status, status relations, all are accented, and fortunately so. Cost forward! This is your space of nice success in 2019!

11 am Fri. via Sat.:  Re-read “This week” above — all these social (and so forth.) themes are doubly emphasised now. You’ll be pleased — simply don’t push your reputation.



Hottest astrology columnists, Susan Miller, the late Johnathan Cainer, and so forth., have/had a public persona.  I’m joyful, content material, compassionate, loving and religious. I’m all the time smiling and inspiring. That type of factor. I used to put in writing like that, cheerful and upbeat, I feel, 40 and 30, even 20 years in the past. However then life hits: divorce, single parenting three youngsters, enterprise pressures (I owned a distribution firm) — all this provides up, and takes a few of the shine off. However you already know, life is lovely, and much more so once you’re in love with it. I’m completely happy, no regrets (or simply minor ones, like:  Why didn’t I purchase that inventory!?)

I used to curse God typically when all the things went dangerous. Hassle is, I do know there is no human-type God. It’s extra like Karma: “God” is karma. However I really feel just a little silly cursing my karma since I created it.
***   ***

Individuals complain in cycles. At current, it’s trendy to keep away from “chemicals” in our meals, our drink, clothes, even our bottles and utensils. This is a nostalgic motion. (t may be different issues too.) The worldwide warming menace has despatched us like crying youngsters again to Mommy Nature; and with new fervour and newly-polished loyalty we reject or warfare towards, all reductions of Nature.

Chemical engineers are the last word enemy, as a result of they create chemical compounds that pollute our surroundings. (Let’s say something not in a pure state is a chemical.) Chemical compounds that won’t break down into pure particles, and/or that upset the setting by way of choking fish or birds, turning water, sea and recent, into poisons that kill or deform the creatures who drink them, and so on. — these are referred to as pollution. I principally agree with all this. However chemical compounds will not be in themselves dangerous.

In some methods, Nature is a powerful chemical assemble.