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     ~ Desiderata

This forecast is for Dec. 16 to 22nd. To learn this week’s horoscope, go to the sidebar on the appropriate, scroll right down to ‘Recent Posts’ and click on on Dec. 9 to the 15th.

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All occasions/Dates are PST – Pacific Normal Time zone. PST is eight hours earlier than Greenwich England (BST). For instance when it’s midday PST right here, it’s eight PM in England – and four AM the subsequent day in China. You’ll be able to Google ‘time zone converter’ in your personal zone.

START NOTHING: 11:21 pm Mon, to 1:37 am Tues., four:42 pm Wed. to six:34 am Thurs., and 6:21 am to eight:28 am Sat.


Should you purchase shares December 24 to 27 you’ll possible, later, be glad you probably did. This can be a onerous one to name, as fortunate Jupiter hits the wealth diploma concurrently the Solar speeds towards the south node of inauspicious karma. For many of you, this must be okay, however Gemini and Sagittarius ought to be cautious, as this south node is of their cash homes. (Sage’s “earnings” home, and Gemini’s funding/debt home.) (Oddly, these two indicators are, in most different issues, the luckiest within the zodiac till Dec. 2019.)
***   ***

I hold seeing Mars. As if an omen. I considered April’s tensions (in 2019) however this one is broader. I might be mistaken. I’m positive tempers — and political or philosophical posturing — can be robust.

You’ll be able to see Mars each night time between 5 and seven pm. I reside close to 50 north latitude (Canada-U.S. border). At about 6 pm, exit and face south. Increase your palms straight up over your head, then deliver them midway down the sky. (To a 45-degree angle.) Mars is that soiled orange or brownish, pretty brilliant star close to your fingertips.

For those who stay within the southern hemisphere, look north as an alternative of south. It’s not fairly that straightforward, as Mars doesn’t fly over our equator; and the earth modifications its relative place always as our seasons evolve.

When you’ve got hassle distinguishing Mars, look when the sky is darkish however not but crammed with stars.  These “instructions” are just for December 2018
***   ***

(Extra within the AFTERAMBLE: Michael Cohen, worldwide pc protection, and censorship.)


    ARIES:  March 21-April 19

This week: Somebody who looks like only a good friend, or simply an off-the-cuff instructor/advisor, might turn into a big, good bond. That is your final week of pondering, or far journey, authorized, cultural and mental pursuits. Friday begins a month of ambition, profession and status issues.

Solar. and Mon.:  Your power and magnetism soar — be a pacesetter, begin issues, ask favours, make contacts. Greatest after eight am Mon. Sunday and Mon. supply profession progress, however not massively so. Till Might 2020, don’t push profession or standing/status considerations. Don’t attempt to “trade” one thing (e.g. your ethics) for development. Investments are mildly favoured — so is intimacy.

Tues. to six am Thurs.:  Chase cash, purchase/promote, domesticate shoppers (and search new ones) apply for employment or a pay increase, search bargains, and so forth. Your luck is sweet all through. Nice time to purchase/promote computer systems, software program, and so on. (And to get your home rewired.)

7 am Thurs. to eight am Sat.:  Errands, informal pals, journeys, communications, paperwork and straightforward chores fill lately. Be curious, ask questions. Thursday brings alternatives — a love message attainable. Friday begins fortunate, ends with attainable argument over one thing hidden, or gov’t-related. Inspiration can result in a lucky funding or boudoir interlude.

Remainder of Sat.:  Be residence or within the ‘hood. Hug the kids. Fix things. Relax. All’s high quality.

taurus weekly forecast    TAURUS:  April 20-Might 20

This week: That is your final week of “changes” — and of mysteries, depths, monetary actions and sexual temptations. Friday begins a month of knowledge, understanding, mental prowess, cultural venues, social rituals — and love. Love sails alongside properly all December, as others deal with you with affection and heat receptivity. Cautious concerning the associates you make proper now — are they true, or “anglers?” A very livable week, with a fortunate shock involving your profession/status and a gov’t or “head office” hyperlink.

Solar. and Mon.:  Relaxation, withdraw from the gang, keep away from aggressive conditions. Ponder, research the current previous and make plans for the close to (1 yr) future. Meditate, be religious and charitable. Your luck is combined till Mon. daybreak, however after that each one runs easily, supplying you with openings for monetary actions, analysis. If married, your mate is heat, comforting. (And agrees with you.)

Tues. to six am Thurs.:  Your power and attractiveness surge. Lead, deal with vital tasks, ask favours, see and be seen. (Vital tasks: In case you’re not impatient to start out one thing massive, don’t. We’re close to the top of a cycle, often not the perfect time to start out something, however a great time to wrap up or add ending touches.) No obstacles, so cost forward!

7 am Thurs. to eight am Sat.:  Ah, cash. And proudly owning issues. That’s your bent these few days. Domesticate shoppers, search a pay increase, search for bargains. Thursday opens a door — step by means of! (Comply with a proposition, or make one.) Your love senses are excessive, impressed, fortunate — however Fri. night time might spark a sudden argument or a social “no show.” Be mellow.

Remainder of Sat.:  Do errands, carry out paperwork, get out and go to. All’s high quality — however I wouldn’t chase a authorized, far journey, publishing or mental enterprise.

    GEMINI:  Might 21-June 20

This week: Relationships are nonetheless prime of the agenda, Gemini. (And shall be, to a fortunate diploma, for 12 months.) Friday begins a month during which relationships (in love and enterprise) will flip into deeper, extra confidential conditions. For some hyperlinks, it is going to be all or nothing. (However extra on this subsequent week.)

Solar. and Mon.:  You may make a brand new pal. Your social leanings, reputation and optimism experience excessive. Monday’s greatest, as Solar. holds two “don’t go there” points — “there” is intercourse, intimacy, cash, funding, and/or sharing secrets and techniques. (All these are dicey/unreliable areas till Might 2020.) Simply have enjoyable, whereas maintaining a sensible eye on sensible issues. Love, if lengthy yearned for, could make a brand new look.

Tues. to six am Thurs.:  Withdraw from the bustling crowd. Relaxation, ponder, and plan. Cope with uncared for chores, taxes. A good, clean interval. Contact brokers, advisors, psychics, civil servants, admin. staff. This can be a good time to review your belongings, investments, debt. Once more, you may make a brand new, supportive pal, and/or see a want come true involving authorized, worldwide, publishing or love pursuits. It’s lengthy overdue!

7 am Thurs. to eight am Sat.:  You’re on prime! Nicely virtually, as one other is equal and represents a legitimate partnership (or potential). Your power, charisma and effectiveness surge. Get out, meet and greet, begin tasks (or higher but, give almost-done tasks an enormous heave). Be a pacesetter, and/or use your private “high” to hunt alternatives, recent horizons, or bonds/agreements. Strategy, negotiate. Cautious late Fri., when higher-ups or authorities don’t approve.

Remainder of Sat.:  Chase cash, storage gross sales, schmooze with shoppers, boss, and so on. A silent bell has rung: now into January, you veer into deeper waters, dedication and consequence. Don’t commit too shortly!

     CANCER:  June 21-July 22

This week:  The drudgery continues — however just for 5 days, then Friday begins a month of relationships, recent horizons and alternatives (and a few opposition). Keep in mind, this week and subsequent, keep out of authorized hassles. (In case you’re a lawyer, your profession steps upward now. Mr. and Mrs. Status  are within the constructing.) Your ambitions will journey alongside a street of publishing, statistics, cultural involvements, schooling and/or faith. (Could possibly be very short-term.) Romance stays candy, hopeful. (Till Might 2020, dive into romance, friendship, and so on. — however not marriage.)

Solar. and Mon.:  Be formidable — however work alone, don’t depend upon helpers, or co-operation. (Some may fake to co-operate.) Monday’s greatest — your work efforts of previous weeks now can earn you a spot larger up the ladder. Search it, apply for it. You could be stunned!

Tues. to six am Thurs.:  Needs can come true. Maybe not huge ones, however pleased ones. Your profession may get a lift — it includes a gaggle, and a few hidden or consequential issues, maybe even skulduggery. General, you’re joyful, optimistic, pleasant and flirty. No issues!

7 am Thurs. to eight am Sat.:  Retreat, lie low, relaxation and ponder. Make plans. Search recommendation — and in some instances, an agent to symbolize your pursuits. Be charitable, religious. Cope with civil servants. Inspiration (or that tingly feeling) impacts love, artistic expression, a chance. Warning Fri. night time: arguments attainable. DON’T argue with a higher-up.

Remainder of Sat.:  Your power and charisma surge! Get out, make contacts, begin new ventures (child steps at first). Re-read your Karmic Forecast (in PLATFORMS) for a “description” of the month forward.

Leo icon, Luck Forecast    LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

This week: It’s romantic, however solely to Friday, when a month of labor begins. You might meet a future mate, however you’ll solely have about 80 days to seal the deal, so in case you do fall in love, act shortly. It’s additionally a very good week for artistic, speculative tasks, self-expression, educating youngsters, pursuing pleasure and wonder. Attempt a cruise!

Solar. and Mon.:  A sensible, mellow, compassionate temper steals over you. Search mental, authorized, cultural or social ritual involvements — far journey, publishing and worldwide themes, too. Work or well being restrictions may intrude or maintain you again Sunday by way of Mon. daybreak. Monday daytime gives fast success. Love rewards solutions, motion.

Tues. to six am Thurs.:  Profession, status relations, standing, fame rise to the foreground. This entire interval runs easily and productively — cost forward! Speak to higher-ups, ask what you are able to do to climb additional.

7 am Thurs. to eight am Sat.:  Needs can come true! You can make a brand new pal who, in case you’re single, might turn out to be rather more than a pal. Learn “This week” above for clues. Your reputation rises, spurs laughter and wit, leisure and flirtations. Life is grand! However don’t attempt to push romance into “intimate” territory late Thurs. night time, pre-dawn Fri. (Don’t fear, for those who’re in a romantic “event,” intercourse will come quickly sufficient.) Keep away from an argument Fri. night time (over intercourse? or maybe over cash, shared belongings).

Remainder of Sat.:  Retreat, relaxation, ponder and plan. See/observe the obstacles forward, esp. in work/well being zones.

    VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

This week: It’s your final week of domesticity, of concentrate on safety, vitamin, youngsters, backyard, and so forth. Friday will start a month of social joys and lightweight romance. Relationships proceed to be intense, and may develop intimate in a short time. (Enterprise associations can click on into funding, dedication very swiftly, additionally.) You’ve got the present of gab now, so write, speak. Essential discussions about residence, actual property.

Solar. and Mon.:  Love and enterprise each may veer into deeper waters, into the embrace of dedication (funding or intercourse). Lust works, romance doesn’t. Sunday’s problematical. Monday daytime, night time are fortunate, productive. Analysis, dig deep.

Tues. to six am Thurs.:  A candy, understanding temper flows. Flip your consideration to like, far journey, authorized and cultural occasions, profound ideas/concepts. Not a cloud within the sky. A actual property, new house or ‘household remedy” inspiration/occasion bodes nicely for the longer term. You possibly can have a superb new residence these 12 months forward.

7 am Thurs. to eight am Sat.:  Pursue your ambitions, esp. Thurs., when one or two alternatives come up. You may discover a splendid actual property probability. (However there will probably be many alternatives.) Don’t check a relationship. Keep away from an argument Fri. night time.

Remainder of Sat.:  Your social aspect awakens! Reputation rises, optimism visits. The month forward accents heavy romance, however in a difficult method which may depart you in a dead-end. For 12 months, default to pleasant romance, buddies — these work.

    LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

This week: Friday ends a month of busy to-and-fro-ing, and begins a month of quietude, domesticity, safety, tactical withdrawal. (A month to watch out, as these home issues are a little bit of a lure; you could be led astray by your personal wishes, objectives, particularly in case your motives or strategies are unwholesome.) Till Friday, virtually every thing runs easily. Work stays intense: get it achieved, for it’s going to evolve into, or have some connection to, a January/February alternative, maybe a love opening.

Solar. and Mon.:  Relationships all over the place. House, household may intrude, or prohibit you from embracing a brand new bond, a chance, or a relocation, Sunday by way of Mon. daybreak. Be diplomatic, assist others. Later, Mon. may convey a pretty, pleasant and suitable individual: react, reply! Monday additionally good for journey, communications.

Tues. to six am Thurs.:  The depths rise. Secrets and techniques and mysteries turn out to be extra clear. Your instinct rides excessive — comply with hunches, quiet small nudges out of your “self.” This interval flows and not using a drawback. You may dive into intercourse, make a dedication or funding, or not directly change your life.

7 am Thurs. to eight am Sat.:  Real love is feasible, esp. Thurs. However work calls for may intrude (and, in some methods, fortunately so, as you face a chance to extend your earnings. You may, alternatively, need to buy equipment/automotive/instruments, and so forth. — not suggested.)  An Aries, Gemini and/or Aquarian determine prominently. You may ship/obtain a big message, one that may have good outcomes later. Ponder the large concepts.

Remainder of Sat.:  Be formidable, however understand it will entail “escaping” from home issues — or getting household, residence, to climb on board your wagon.

    SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

This week: Proceed to chase cash, purchase/promote, and so forth. — till Friday, when a lighter, swifter affect blows in, bringing a month of errands, paperwork, communications and straightforward chores. (Nevertheless, these straightforward chores can themselves be a wee “trap” till Might 2020 — keep away from wild goose chases, frittering away time in non-consequential discussions and distractions.) Somebody could be very prepared to spend time with you. A simple week with few issues!

Solar. and Mon.:  Work, and extra work. Simply plod alongside, get it completed. Shield your well being; eat, gown sensibly. Not an excellent time to speak, esp. essential missives. You will get a pile completed Mon., after daybreak.

Tues. to six am Thurs.:  Partnerships, marriage, recent horizons, new alternatives — and a few opposition — come your method. Bounce on openings — your luck is excessive, strong. (You may need to arrange home with a co-worker. This individual can turn into a really unpredictable mate in a number of months. Go sluggish.)

7 am Thurs. to eight am Sat.:  Mysteries, secrets and techniques and unconscious urges fill this time. Examine. You may make a splendid funding, however luck is combined. (Greatest Thurs.) Don’t spend money on equipment, instruments, industrial companies, service companies — and don’t make investments impulsively, as a chance or lark. Your instinct is excessive. Lust tempts, and can “produce more” than romance.

Remainder of Sat.:  Sink into mellow ideas. You perceive the world, and your home in it. Dream of far journey, greater schooling or of publishing in some type. By late 2020, you may take this dream and make it actual.

    SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

This week: Your power and magnetism stay excessive. (Extra power than charisma in December, so act moderately than appeal to.) It’s a reasonably clean week. Begin tasks — or higher but, give previous or ongoing ventures a mighty push, particularly these you began within the final 25 days. Your property continues to be feisty, so be mild. Love is brash, “announced,” or quiet and personal — the latter’s extra doubtless now. You may make a brand new pal. Friday begins a month of cash focus.

Solar. and Mon.:  Love, artistic and speculative tasks, pleasure, sports activities, video games, youngsters, and wonder fill these two days. Cash issues may intrude Solar. into Mon. daybreak (PST). However the remainder of Mon. lets all these soar to bliss or satisfaction. When you’re single, get out and mingle.

Tues. to six am Thurs.:  Deal with chores, and enhance your well being (e.g., train program). No near-term obstacles exist, so that you’ll make headway simply. Cash goes nicely, too.

7 am Thurs. to eight am Sat.:  Relationships! You’re in energy now, on the prime of your recreation, however this interval asks you to simply accept, meet, greet, embrace, co-operate with, somebody who just isn’t on the prime of their world. Be diplomatic. A new pal or love might enter, a witty, brilliant individual. (This may result in marriage later.) There’s a little bit of confusion, complexity in your emotions. Keep away from an argument (at residence?) late Fri. — not an excellent night time to chase romance. In enterprise, work, momentary “partnerships” may come up.

Remainder of Sat.:  Secrets and techniques, mysteries. Dig deep, reject floor appearances. Lust for intimacy or energy or riches calls you, however actuality erects a wall.

    CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

This week: You stay in a quiet, weary mode till Friday, Cap. That day, you start a month of power, competence, clout and effectiveness. You’ll get what you need — however is what you need good for you? Only one bit of recommendation: now to Might 2020, your greatest path is towards interdependence; your surest dead-end lies within the course of independence.

This doesn’t imply give up — so long as you go ahead with a superb spirit, forgiving angle and with goodwill, you’ll succeed. Should you exploit, or drink from the fountain of self-pity, or take heed to the lure of energy (or different temptations) you’ll drive a tough street. In the meantime, relaxation, loosen up, ponder and make plans this week. All’s properly! One cash supply may finish, to get replaced by a “more comfortable” one.

Solar. and Mon.:  Concentrate on residence, youngsters, actual property, backyard, Mom Nature (climbing), safety, and the fundamentals of life. In enterprise, work to broaden or strengthen your gross sales territory. Every part marches towards a profitable conclusion.

Tues. to six am Thurs.:  Ah, candy romance! It may be extra notion than motion (since you’re nonetheless in a low power/charisma interval till Fri.), However for those who’re in an affair, or married, your different half will consolation and please you. All goes nicely, so take a wee probability — ask for a date, or take a “safe risk” in cash, artwork, creativity, sports activities, video games. Pleasure, magnificence carry your soul. Wonderful time to purchase presents that may please.

7 am Thurs. to eight am Sat.:  Deal with chores, however hold a watchful eye out for glitches. Good and poor luck mingle — although the great’s stronger. Thursday holds alternatives in employment, service industries, well being — don’t speak too lengthy, simply take it and say thanks. (Don’t purchase equipment nor actual property.) Your coronary heart may soar (or merely smile) with hints of pleasant love Fri., however sidestep an argument or accident potential this night time. The gov’t may offer you an enormous serving to hand.

Remainder of Sat.:  Relationships want selections. The month forward is “yours” — the place are you headed, and with whom? (Your emotions may need already determined for you, however does your head agree?)

    AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

This week: Your social happiness continues, Aquarius —  however solely to Friday, if you slide right into a month of quietude, weariness and relaxation, contemplation and “old chores.” However till then, you may as properly have enjoyable! Optimism, reputation, leisure and flirtations maintain your coronary heart smiling. You can make a brand new good friend or a lifetime companion this week. He/she’s witty, pleasant, quirky, impulsive and courageous.

Solar. and Mon.:  Errands, communications, journey, paperwork and buddies fill today. Sunday to daybreak Monday, you is perhaps slowed by a well being drawback, gov’t or “head office” directions, or a “secret.” Gossip turns the fallacious approach. However the remainder of Mon. succeeds splendidly, so cost forth! Male-female hyperlinks go properly today.

Tues. to six am Thurs.:  Be house, at the very least in your ideas and coronary heart. Hug your partner and youngsters. Nice time (not a glitch in sight!) to start decorations, to backyard, improve safety, guarantee your youngsters’s future, prepare dinner, plan meals, purchase furnishings.  All flows properly!

7 am Thurs. to eight am Sat.:  Romance! And creativity, self-expression, risk-taking, pleasure, magnificence, charming youngsters… You would all of a sudden determine who your coronary heart goes to, otherwise you may make a brand new love or good friend. This interval is complicated: alternatives (and probably a want coming true) Thurs.; profession or fame inspiration, and once more, attainable want achievement Fri. However keep away from an argument or $ upset Fri. night time. (Keep away from cash basically all this interval.) You may be a part of a gaggle that may profit you in future. A love may emerge from this group.

Remainder of Sat.:  Chores — may as properly get them carried out. A month of obligations started yesterday. Hunker down, get critical!

    PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

This week: Stay critical about your job/profession potential, Pisces. You’ve gone “up” just lately — use this week to strengthen your place, or to shortly the first step extra (small) rung up the ladder of success! You may assume you’ve climbed sufficient, however you’ll go greater, perhaps a lot larger, within the 12 months forward. Friday begins a month of socializing, reputation, optimism, future plans, leisure and flirtations. Don’t anticipate rather a lot from this space earlier than Might 2020. (Learn your “Karmic Forecast” underneath “PLATFORMS” for extra info.) Be passionate, not cool.

Solar. and Mon.:  Go after the cash. Search a pay increase, improve your variety of shoppers, discover tax deductions, and so forth. Hunt for and purchase bargains. Pay money owed and gather them. All this goes “okay” Sunday to Mon. daybreak, although a few glitches intrude (principally social and authorized restrictions). Actual success arrives Monday daytime and night time — which fits most working Pisceans. Monday additionally “encourages” a sexual interlude, or forming a sensual hyperlink. (In that case, be trustworthy, ethical. This sensual attraction might be not real love, however one thing tied psychologically to your ambitions.)

Tues. to six am Thurs.:  Get out, make pleasant contacts, go to, talk, carry out paperwork and fast, straightforward chores. Not an impediment anyplace! (Okay, be affordable: swimming the Atlantic ocean might current obstacles, or flapping your arms to fly.) Somebody you understand may reveal he/she’s in love. Communications together with your love, with a faculty, overseas land, instructor, lawyer or writer/broadcaster go properly.

7 am Thurs. to eight am Sat.:  House, youngsters, backyard, furnishings, portray and adorning, safety and a heat cozy hideaway — these draw you now. Hug relations. Thus is a posh little interval. In some methods, you’re ending a state of affairs or hyperlink, as a result of new ones are forming, simply of their infancy. However don’t assume new buddies are higher than previous ones. The other is probably going true till Might 2020.

Profession alternatives may battle with home wants Thurs. Friday’s in all places: authorized, journey, media, mental and love alternatives/blessings mingle with growth-oriented profession “seeds” (starting tasks). However this night time wants care, esp. with cash and your personal temperament. Sidestep any arguments.

Remainder of Sat.:  Ardour, creativity, a bet, romance — keep on the deep aspect, reject any mild or “just friends” conclusions.



All these foreign-country hackings (e.g., the Ruskies hacking American election emails) — perhaps they might arrange a wall towards all incoming web, however depart it completely free to function inside the nation. Each web hyperlink from out of the nation can be met with an examination and have to be “certified” or no matter earlier than it’s let by means of.

This may additionally render a rustic freed from cyber threats to close down its industries, energy crops, airports, and so forth.

One drawback: the customers contained in the “moat,” being always protected, may develop fats and lazy, and be like sheep for any wolf who does get by means of the certification barrier. (Perhaps by hitch-hiking on an accepted “entrant” to the protected pool/nation.

I’m a pc dummy, so this concept is perhaps dumb.
***   ***

Michael Cohen’s Solar is at 21 levels Sagittarius — smack dab on Trump’s Achilles heel (his south lunar node) — and on Trump’s Moon. Cohen’s Moon is in 28 Gemini — proper on Trump’s Solar. These two in all probability had a particular relationship. I could possibly be improper, however I think there was nothing informal or minor about it (besides that it might have included minor issues in addition to different issues). I feel the pundits are proper — Cohen is the most important menace to Trump.
***   ***

Censoring the works of different occasions comes from a sure peak of vanity and smugness. It assumes that our specific “modern” or “enlightened” consciousness, blinded as it’s by present occasions, feelings and prejudices, is superior to a different period’s. The #MeToo motion dangers treading on this floor. Censorship is one avenue of preservation of social guidelines and requirements; however it’s also mental bullying and imprisonment of imaginative and prescient enforced by the fearful. One of many nice successes of the north american justice system during the last century has been the supplanting of ethical, moral, and cultural biases (that final the toughest to root out) with a respect for variety.

….Is it like medicine and their illusions? (The extra medicine are permitted, the much less they’re used, as Portugal evidently has proven. —To some extent. Full permission would doubtless not yield zero addicts.) With censorship, does it comply with that the much less censorship, the much less it’s wanted?