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Astrology forecast:  that is subsequent week’s horoscope. If you wish to learn the current week’s column, please go to the sidebar on the appropriate and click on on September 30, 2018.

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All occasions/Dates are PDT – Pacific Daylight Time zone. PDT is eight hours earlier than Greenwich England (BDT). For instance when it’s midday PDT right here, it’s eight PM in England – and four AM the subsequent day in China. You possibly can Google ‘time zone converter’ in your personal zone.

START NOTHING: 7:03 am to six:10 pm Solar., 1:50 am to 9:09 pm Tues., four:12 pm Thurs. to 2:53 am Fri., and after 5:58 pm Sat.


THERE IS SOMEONE WHO HAS REGISTERED THE URL: ASTRALREFLECTION.COM — A COPY OF THIS BLOG/SITE, BUT WITHOUT THE “S.”  This individual/firm is stealing. They tried to intimidate me into shopping for their false url.  I don’t actually approve.
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I’ve an Aquarian pal. For weeks, even months, I’ve been advising Aquarius to be extra mild, to keep away from impulse and heedless motion. Why?  ‘Cause Mars was in Aquarius. The one thing I never thought of, was Mars’ principal setting: hearth. I ought to have been warning all Aquarians to get extra hearth insurance coverage.  (Recommendation that’s nonetheless legitimate, till Nov. 15.)  So my pal’s condominium burned — completely, home equipment melted, not a rag or chair or window left. She additionally possesses a Sagittarian Moon, and when the hearth occurred, Sagittarius individuals have been in a part of brilliant new horizons and of needs come true. So her place burned, however she will get a model new condominium out of it, courtesy of the insurance coverage co.  Some individuals get all of the luck!

I’ve one other Aquarian pal, who final week was visited by a fireplace engine and the federal government’s “penalty crew” for burning waste on his pastime farm.
***   ***

***   ***


     ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Put together for thrilling conferences — and a few difficult ones (Wed./Thurs.). Life is vibrant and alive with recent horizons, new alternatives and adventures, esp. Monday. How do you spark an journey? — go together with another person and chase their objectives. You have a tendency to draw clever, considerate, diffident and hesitant personalities. They feed (within the nicest means) on your impulsive, brave “charge ahead” character. These individuals search stability, they usually see you as one of the best stability to their very own personalities. You’re more likely to meet one or two such individuals this month — the attraction will probably be open and apparent.

Slog via routine chores Solar. This night time brings a relationship drawback. Monday gives thrilling conferences! (However, should you’re in search of intimacy or a monetary opening, be affected person, await one other alternative.) Life’s secrets and techniques and mysteries seep into your consciousness late Tues. night time by way of Thurs. Though this can be a very fortunate space for you in 2018 (for 1 extra month solely) you may need to bull your means by way of limitations and disruptions in cash and social areas these a number of days.

This midweek interval is sort of vital, because it “lays down destiny’s path.” So for those who’re meant to interrupt up with somebody, or to take a position with them or attain for the celebs in a profession “partnership,” you’ll really feel/see the nudge by Thursday. No matter occurs now – in funds, intercourse, well being, way of life or analysis – it tends to point out you the influences, course and surroundings going ahead for a couple of years. Be cautious of investing or partnering these few days.

Friday/Sat. deliver candy encounters, mild love and compassion, a broader understanding, worldwide, mental, authorized, media and philosophical points, and, general, happiness. Dive into any of those, progress is mildly assured.

taurus weekly forecast     TAURUS:  April 20-Might 20

Plug away at these chores, Taurus. Bosses and fogeys are slightly impatient or essential, so stay diplomatic, long-suffering. DON’T (till Nov. eight) comply with the instance of a higher-up, nor search to be with them — simply lie low and do your job for now.

Sunday feels romantic, nature’s magnificence caresses you, however alternatives/outcomes are few. This night time brings a brand new chore, or “fights you” if you attempt to accomplish one thing. Monday is much better, you possibly can cross these “to do’s” off your listing with new velocity. Keep on with routine duties Tues. This night time by way of Thurs. options relationships, alternatives, recent horizons, negotiation and potential opposition/litigation/problem. The challenges come Tues. night time via suppertime Wed., then hope dawns and affection and partnership reactions rise. A “destiny tumbler” clicks into place as on a lock: you may break a relationship, or embrace it extra ardently. In both case, it’s determination time.

Friday/Saturday convey secrets and techniques, monetary and sexual doorways, medical procedures, and investigation. Your unconscious lifts to the floor; your instinct and hunches soar into “very correct” territory. For those who act (on intercourse, funds, way of life, medical, and so on.) you’ll succeed — mildly however solidly. All month, relationships are gracious, different deal with you with affection, however delays additionally lay over this.

     GEMINI:  Might 21-June 20

Mentally, you’re on hearth — however what’s the objective?  Work mates are affectionate, witty. Romance is all over the place, as are magnificence, pleasure, dangers and self-expression. Take these dangers — you’re driving a profitable streak, now to Oct. 22. (Nevertheless, the “winning” shall be simpler, greater, for those who wait previous this Thursday.)

Spend Solar. daytime resting. Putter round the home, however don’t begin any vital tasks. Sunday night time into Tues. night time, romance blossoms, as does every thing talked about: magnificence, pleasure, and so forth. But Solar. night time provides primarily disappointment; and Tues. gives solely emotions, not occasions. Monday fulfills love needs, may even begin a brand new romance. (A possible troublesome one, long-run.)

Deal with chores cautiously Tues. night time by way of Thurs. — many frustrations and obstacles exist all three days. Your boss approves of you (you won’t see it) late Wed. night time. Your job duties might increase Thurs. However this entire week, esp. Thurs., presents you with a dilemma or a selection: do you pursue intercourse, lust, secrets and techniques, bodily gratification — or romance, thrilling conversations, and flights of the guts? Perhaps wanting on the individuals who characterize every specific selection, and deciding between their personalities, may assist. Relationships — and selection — fill Fri./Sat. Good issues, agreements, co-operation, alternatives, a recent outlook, public consideration — any/all can occur, however on a light scale. Be diplomatic, keen to hitch.

    CANCER:  June 21-July 22

The accent stays on residence, youngsters/mother and father, landscaping, backyard, vitamin, renos/repairs, Mom Nature, and your soul. These are primarily emphasised Solar. night time to Tues. night time. Your foremost mission: to relaxation, chill out and regenerate emotional, bodily reserves. Somebody may oppose your concepts about this space (“No, I don’t want a new kitchen!”) however this opposition will are likely to dissolve after Thursday, so be affected person.

Sunday daytime brings errands, contacts, journey — however nothing a lot outcomes. This night time to Tues. night time focuses on these residence themes — act Mon. for fulfillment, as Solar. and Tues. supply little progress. Romance, magnificence, a musical temper stream into you late Tues. night time to Thurs. night time. You’ll really feel splendid, intrigued, however good luck is fairly exhausting to seek out. (It does exist, 7:30 pm Wed. to four pm Thurs. PDT, when love and artistic juices circulate.)

Understand you’re aggressively able to make deep modifications, to dig deep and commit, even to toss the whole lot up within the air, till mid-November. I counsel towards this; it’d shoot you off within the flawed course. You’re additionally radiating sexual magnetism (till mid-Nov.) —take care! (A love affair is one strategy to toss every thing within the air.)

Deal with chores Fri./Sat. — you’ll make good, if delicate, progress. If shopping for a automotive, different machine, achieve this after 6 am PDT Sat. If you wish to purchase high-tech, pc, and so forth., do it Sunday, Oct. 14. Romance, maybe an previous flame, might sing sweetly all month.

Leo icon, Luck Forecast    LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

It’s a simple month, Leo. Paperwork, calls, texts, brief journeys — you’ll be rushed, however your burden shall be mild. (And the stakes not excessive.) These straightforward chores come up Sunday night time to Tues. night time. Be curious, stressed — go see! You’ll succeed fairly simply Mon., however keep on with routine Solar. and Mon. All October, your house will probably be welcoming, your loved ones affectionate. (However DON’T begin new home, culinary, adorning or actual property tasks.) Earlier, Sunday daytime, keep away from spending on ineffective issues.

Your property and household are highlighted Tues. night time to Thurs. night time.  Plenty of potholes and disruptions exist right here, so proceed rigorously, diplomatically.  Do go ahead, 7:30 pm Wed. to four pm Thurs. (all PDT). One “crisis” may exist, peaking Thursday: it pits your work and household safety towards your wanderlust or impulse to talk, write. (My recommendation: don’t write or converse w/o first considering it via, each day this week besides Fri./Sat.)

Romance, magnificence, speedy pleasure, creativity and risk-taking fill your Fri./Sat. Success is delicate, however actual. Don’t press for intimacy round 5 am Sat. (PDT). Till November, you is perhaps hotly drawn to somebody, however life says it’s a delicate lure — for those who’re single, keep free for five extra weeks, then one of many biggest romantic years of your life will start!

    VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Maintain chasing cash, Virgo. Attend to non-public issues whereas your power is excessive Sunday. This night time to Tues. night time spotlights possessions, reminiscence, informal sensual points of interest, and earnings, shopping for/promoting. These are additionally the primary themes for October. Be cautious Solar. night time, as romance, pleasure shall be dulled, and cash will disappoint.

Cost forward Mon. — discover a discount, ask the boss for a pay increase, butter up shoppers. Stick with routine Tuesday, don’t purchase something giant or essential. Errands, contacts, brief journeys, communications and paperwork fill late Tues. night time by means of Thurs. You’ll encounter frustrations, obstacles and disruptions till late day Wed. — so cost forward after eight pm PDT Wed. night time, to late afternoon Thurs.

Flip your self towards residence, household, safety and rest Fri./Sat. Don’t anticipate plenty of co-operation pre-dawn Sat. PDT (to early afternoon in Europe, all day in Asia). Nonetheless, these two days are nourishing, nature’s lovely, your loved ones’s higher than typical. All week (to mid-Nov.) work is intense, hurried. Once more all week, you may need to decide on between pleasure and earning profits, or between romance and possessiveness.

   LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Lie low, sleep in Sunday, Libra. Restore your vitality. By this night (6 pm PDT) you enter a number of high-energy days (to late night time Tues.). Maybe the very best power days this yr. That is your peak month of 2018, Libra. Your power, clout, charisma, effectiveness and timing are top-notch. Get out, begin tasks, suggest, encourage, ask favours — be a pacesetter — particularly Sunday night time to late night time Tues. In all this, understand your financial, revenue fortunes are blessed in Oct. (In order that’s an excellent zone through which to focus your efforts all month — AFTER this Thursday.)

Your romantic urges are additionally (as they’ve been for months) intense till mid-Nov. It’s uncommon for you, however you may be outspoken, impulsive, even bravely heedless in declaring your emotions. Heedless, maybe: are you, in chasing somebody, ignoring another person’s emotions? You’re virtually able to abandon all preparations, guarantees and loyalties, for one kiss, one embrace, from this “hot prospect.” In that case, assume far forward: a brand new attraction (began anytime since mid-Might) could possibly be very suitable with you, but may additionally be a hot-head who will drag you towards hassle. Be discreet, keep a light-weight contact!

Deal with cash late Tues. night time (morning in Europe, midday/afternoon in Asia) — however cautiously, as disruptions and unpredictable obstacles come up initially. You’ll be able to succeed in case you act on cash, earnings, bargain-hunting, even informal intercourse, late Wed. night time to late afternoon Thurs. Act accordingly. Buddies, informal contacts, journey, discussions, texts and emails, paperwork and errands — these fill a simple, lively, comfortable Fri./Sat. (One warning: digestion wants care pre-dawn Sat. PDT.)

   SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Sunday daytime (PDT) is glad, social, helps your optimism and needs. However Solar. eve to late Tues. night time shunts you into “tired mode” — not just for this early week, however till October 23. Till then, relaxation, ponder and plan. Cope with civil servants, brokers, advisors, well being and admin staff; be charitable and religious, look at your path so far.

Neatest thing on your well being: eight hours sleep each night time. You stay irritable, even volcanic, at house and usually – perhaps it is best to loosen up – as a result of if you harm somebody, it’s often deep, and would you like that in your loving relationships? Contrarily, you’re additionally candy and affectionate, esp. towards your life mate, or enterprise companions, all month. (Nevertheless, such relations and alternatives, can, although alluring, creep backwards slightly than capturing ahead — all Oct.)

Your power and charisma surge midway upward late Tues. night time by means of Thurs. Step cautiously earlier than 7:30 pm PDT Wed. After this, cost forward, notably in romantic, artistic areas (Wed. night time) and cash, earnings (Thurs. daytime). Chase cash, purchase/promote, discover bargains (storage gross sales?) schmooze with shoppers, and if moral/good, develop into intimate with a “friend.” (However keep away from chasing romance — intercourse okay — Sat. morning. Saturday night time in Asia.) One huge but virtually unseen improvement this week: you must determine between stressed, curious, pleasant issues, and your secrets and techniques, limitations, gov’t dealings. Gossip is harmful!

   SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Needs can come true, Sage! That’s the message Solar. night time to 9 pm PDT Tues., and usually for 2 weeks forward. Anticipate social delights, optimism, joie de vivre, a lift in reputation, leisure and flirtations. None of those will attain the heights of bliss or fortune you’d often expertise nevertheless, since you stay in a quiet, low-energy yr (solely to November). Nonetheless, it’s higher to take pleasure in slightly than endure a bit!

Somebody you flirt with or interact with may additionally need to “cure” you. Okay, however are you able to stand being modified? Perhaps! You speak, write, stroll, drive assertively into mid-Nov. — on your personal sake, don’t let this stray into “aggressively.” Early Sunday (daytime) is for ambition, worldly standing — however little of notice happens. Then a really social, hopeful few days.

Retreat late Tues. night time by way of Thurs. You’ll be drained, so relaxation, ponder and plan. Greatest time, for planning, interfacing with gov’t or establishments, talks with brokers, advisors: 7:30 pm Wed. to four pm Thurs. PDT. Earlier than this, disruptions can stymie your progress. Your power and charisma rise properly Fri./Sat. These two days don’t maintain numerous significance, however they provide you an opportunity to boost your sights. There’s another “weary” part forward (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) however after that, 12 months of buoyant success!

   CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Ambition is the whole lot, Cap. (A minimum of till Oct. 23.) Use Sunday daytime for pondering, “levelling off” stress-wise, and seeing the large image. Be cautious of taking vital actions. This night time, you enter the height affect of October: standing, profession, ambition, status relations (and courtroom rooms in case you’ve screwed up). Sunday night time and Tues. are virtually ineffective — keep on with routine. However Monday opens the doorways to splendid profession actions — march forth today (till eight:45 pm PDT).

The load of duty is lifted partway Tues. night time by means of Thurs. — you may really feel like celebrating! Once more, you face two very totally different durations: earlier than Wed. suppertime, all is disjunct, damaged, disrupted; and Wed. eve to four pm Thurs. (PDT) presents a clean, vast street to success. Telephone a good friend or 4, arrange a social perform, talk about your future and plans with good associates. You’ll be comfortable, optimistic (and that optimism can be borne out this coming November).

All October, buddies deal with you with affection — and lengthy conversations. A former pal, attractive playmate or social group may re-appear. No hurt in renewing bonds. Keep in mind, cash comes swiftly till mid-November. Financial institution it and overlook it — spending will lead you, ultimately, to fallacious objectives and lifeless ends. You in all probability aren’t even considering of it, however in case you’re: don’t purchase actual property earlier than December.

   AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Learn the bit within the PREAMBLE about Aquarius. The half about hearth — sorry, I ought to have put that in your weekly forecasts since final Might. Oh, properly. Sunday daytime is for secrets and techniques, intercourse, funds, investigation. However little occurs, event-or-result-wise. Dig deep for religious treasures. This night time brings psychological enlargement, to late Tues. night time, PDT (morning, Europe; afternoon, Asia).

Sunday and Tues. are fairly ineffective, so act decisively Mon., when fortune favours you — in far journey, worldwide, media/fame, authorized, cultural and mental pursuits — and love. These themes fill the 2 weeks forward, after which some. Be formidable Wed./Thurs. — however don’t “set out” or begin necessary ventures or schedule a big conferences with the boss, earlier than Wed. night time as disruptions, obstacles proliferate till then.

(Important drawback, now to 2025: your bosses face a model new world that at current is increasing their actions/attain with uncommon optimism — however this new world may also stress them out, as a result of it’s altering all their relationships, and their horizons and alternatives — and your bosses have a tendency to not like change. So deal with higher-ups with understanding — however extra profitably, with compassion.)

From Wed. night time to Thurs. afternoon, ask for a pay increase, extra duty, and so on. — you’re in fortunate “climbing mode.” Needs come true, your reputation rises, and flirtations sprinkle your path Fri./Sat. Don’t spend an excessive amount of cash Sat. morning. You possibly can fall in love this month, however “falling in” in December or 2019 can be higher! Forestall hearth accidents, to Nov. 15.

    PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

The emphasis stays on secrets and techniques and mysteries, privateness and personal interludes, compelling lust, energy performs, monetary actions, medical procedures, analysis/investigation, goals, the occult, instinct/hunches, hidden forces, karma, way of life modifications, dedication and penalties. (An inventory I hope to not repeat typically!)

These are in focus for the 2 + weeks forward, however notably Solar. eve to Tues. night time, when a brand new undertaking might begin in a number of of those areas. (Earlier Sunday, relationships, and co-operation vs. opposition come up. However there’s not a lot on this. Simply be “willing to receive” — AND prepared to reward somebody.)

Typically, Solar. and Tues. yield little, or actively battle your pursuits. However Mon. opens the door to splendid outcomes should you’re 1) moral/trustworthy and a couple of) brave sufficient to danger a probably huge dedication. E.g., don’t pursue intimacy with a married individual, however do decide to a mildly intimidating funding, and so forth.

Mid-week (late Tues. night time via Thurs.) brings knowledge, understanding, compassion, far journey, authorized, media or cultural considerations, mental quests, and delicate love. All these themes have been fortuitously starred since final October (2017) so steer your self additional into them now. Once more, this interval is half-good, half-bad.

Disruptions, even anger, face you earlier than Wed. eve; however success, fortunate open doorways stand earlier than you Wed. eve to late afternoon Thurs. — time your actions! (Wednesday’s odd — this afternoon might convey anger, sharp phrases, but in addition a “dynamic” [rather than harmonious] romantic attraction, a type of love-hate factor.) Be formidable Fri./Sat. — the cosmos helps delicate, dependable efforts. Don’t insist on “being your own person.” All’s (principally) properly!



Brett Kavanaugh, the nominee for the U.S. Supreme Courtroom, is an Aquarius Solar, and has taken a grilling over accusations of sexual assault introduced forth by Democratic senators. Listed here are excerpts from my Weekly Forecasts for Aquarius:

Aug. 12:  For the 29 days forward, beware…. gabbing about your personal secrets and techniques.

Aug. 19:  Till Sept. 10, keep away from darkish alleys and belligerent individuals — watch out with the gov’t, additionally.

Aug. 26:  For the instant two weeks forward, authorized, journey, and mental issues will go nicely — love, too — however you should keep away from revealing your secrets and techniques.

Sept. 2:  September is all or nothing time, commit or cut up.

Sept 9:  Mental, worldwide, love, publishing, schooling, cultural and authorized themes draw you. However proceed cautiously, as some very agency obstacles can thwart you, esp. when you’ve got unrevealed secrets and techniques, or try to cope with gov’t or different admin. varieties.

On the constructive aspect, all these Aug./Sept. columns additionally inspired Aquarius to battle for his/her ambitions, as this space was very fortunate (nonetheless is, to Nov. eight, even late Nov.). On the day he testified, the Moon was in Brett Kavanaugh’s “name sign” of Taurus, with good points, so he acquitted himself nicely.

I can’t assist suspecting that for Christine Ford the reality shouldn’t be sacrosanct. She lied, for instance, about being afraid to fly. (Beneath questioning she admitted she flew many occasions for holidays and work in recent times, typically on lengthy worldwide flights. She is a Sage Solar, Gemini Moon — there’s hardly a stronger indicator of worldwide air journey!) To my eyes, she performed the tremulous sufferer just a bit too melodramatically. I simply learn a report (in Actual Clear Politics) — true? deceptive? — that Ford’s highschool yearbook portrayed her as a “party girl.”

However I can also’t assist suspecting that Brett Kavanaugh drinks means an excessive amount of beer. To me, he performed the offended, righteous burgher too loudly. Supreme courtroom judges must be past “acting.”

I wouldn’t vote for him.
***   ***

Principally, there are two giant constituencies in political America. The most important group: those that need issues to stay the identical, to stay in a cushty financial, social, philosophical and world-embracing tolerance. I name them internationalists. The difficulty is, a lot of this contingency’s consolation is predicated on, and supported by, the good American advances and productiveness of the 1900’s. To proceed in such luxurious, emotionally and financially (and fiscally) is like mendacity down in an already heat mattress, whereas the products of the world stream to you.

However those that are making the products, China, India, and so forth., develop stronger and stronger, by way of work, train, enhancements in revenue and vitamin… and a few, just like the Chinese language, develop new weapons and new belligerent attitudes. Keep in mind, the fast brown fox jumps over the lazy canine. This half of America thinks we ought to be diplomatic and well mannered around the globe, be associates with everybody, and never critically intrude with the aggressions of smaller, extra vigorous nations. (As a result of critical opposition will/may result in confrontations, warfare, and threaten the quiet sleep of the “internationalists”).

Bush Junior, although he began the longest warfare in American historical past, believed on this “lying down and enjoying our rewards” course of, a minimum of economically. Obama lives on this camp, as do the Clintons and Biden, all of whom have used the “warm bed” political system to fill their very own and/or their households’ pockets. (As a result of the lassitude of the citizenry permits these politicians to tug a number of hidden strings, to carve out a couple of innocent little hidden cash channels, to do favours all over the world in return for “donations,” and so forth.) They need the nice and cozy mattress, the status-quo of quietude to stay, because it helps their efforts to siphon off cash (and in essence their nation’s wealth and well being).

However, there are those that comply with Donald Trump. Does Trump siphon cash, or use his workplace to advance his enterprise pursuits? I don’t know.