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Astrology forecast:  that is subsequent week’s horoscope. If you wish to learn the current week’s column, please go to the sidebar on the fitting and click on on October 7, 2018.

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All occasions/Dates are PDT – Pacific Daylight Time zone. PDT is eight hours earlier than Greenwich England (BDT). For instance when it’s midday PDT right here, it’s eight PM in England – and four AM the subsequent day in China. You’ll be able to Google ‘time zone converter’ in your personal zone.

START NOTHING:  Earlier than 12:17 pm Solar., 2:49 pm Tues. to zero:36 am Wed., and 5:27 am to 1:20 pm Fri.

PREAMBLE:  Nothing this week, however take a look at the AFTERAMBLE. 


   ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Nonetheless a strong emphasis on relationships, Aries. In case you met somebody over a yr in the past, and are nonetheless collectively, you’re within the “getting intimate” stage, working issues out sexually and financially. December begins a yr through which you two will possible wed (in some method). In case you’re unattached at current, the current week presents one or two new prospects, however usually you’d do greatest to attend till late Nov./early Dec. onward. If married, you undoubtedly know you’re married this week. (Your partner can be outstanding, energetic.)

In all relations, be diplomatic, desperate to co-operate — since you don’t want enemies, and since co-operating might convey you extra luck than your particular person efforts. Sunday midday via Tues. highlights your profession, status relations (together with authorities) and fame. You’ll be stunned by individuals’s admiration! And you can also make big strides or earn allies in your ambitions: march forth. Solely potential obstacle: disagreement or opposition out of your partner or enterprise associate Tues.

Happiness, optimism, social joys, reputation, flirtations and leisure(s) blow bubbles of pleasure round you Wed. to lunchtime Fri. (PDT). You’ll talk deeply and intuitively with a Pisces (or a shy, dreamy individual) however may need sharp phrases with an Aries or Aquarian. In any other case, every thing flows superbly. (When you meet an thrilling stranger, inform your self that is extra associates than lovers, long-run.) Retreat Fri. pm and Sat. — relaxation, learn, ponder and plan. Contact civil service varieties. Be charitable and/or search spirit, esp. Saturday. Life treats you nicely.

taurus weekly forecast   TAURUS:  April 20-Might 20

Life’s drudgery continues — however just for 9 extra days. Deal with chores, shield your well being, and ensure machines are in good restore. (If you wish to purchase equipment, attempt Solar. after 1 pm, Mon. earlier than 1 pm, or Thurs. any time after daybreak. All occasions Pacific Daylight. E.g., add 9 hours for Europe, 16 for Asia, and so forth. For a pc buy, 1 pm to 2 pm Solar. — or wait till January 2019 onward. [January onward better.])

Eat, gown sensibly all week. Be diplomatic, keen and cheerful with higher-ups, all month and into mid-Nov. (They’re impatient, but in addition have the power, and half a notion, to advertise you right into a administration degree.) Sunday morning’s empty of all however religious progress. The afternoon, by way of Tues., brings worldwide, authorized, cultural, mental, media and much journey themes — and delicate love — wafting into your ideas. Chase these (e.g., apply for college, or purchase tickets, or see a overseas movie, or genuflect earlier than one you’re keen on) — not a snag anyplace! (Properly, keep away from love stuff Tues. morning.)

These impatient, temperamental higher-ups develop into apparent, are able to act, Wed. to lunchtime Fri. You’ll survive all challenges, however be able to work and to show your formidable aspect. Understand that your boss’ or mother and father’ concepts/tasks won’t work out — they’re not seeing clearly. Be “on board”, however cautious. Don’t let it develop into “your” challenge. Keep away from a verbal struggle Friday morning. Finally, Fri. pm and Sat. deliver peace, reputation, optimism and social happiness. You would fall in love, in a light-hearted approach.

   GEMINI:  Might 21-June 20

Ah, candy (and harmful!) romance. If unattached, you is perhaps falling for somebody who’s hot-headed, eccentric and wildly humorous. Take care, this individual is headed for the flawed locations, at the very least till Nov. eight. However in case you are hooked up, even married, this week plucks your heart-strings with alluring melodies. A great time to patch up variations, or to make your union stronger. Nonetheless, temptation rides this week like brilliant banners slowly twisting within the breeze.

Sunday morning yields little. However this afternoon via Tues. brings highly effective glances, fantasies and boudoir temptations, as your lust sensors broaden. Be ethical, trustworthy! The identical interval opens doorways to good investments, earnings alternatives, analysis gems and investigative actions, medical procedures and way of life modifications. Commit — the results ought to please you! (Consists of sexual commitments, however as stated, be a bit cautious. Enter provided that each events are free to take action, and the state of affairs is emotionally wholesome.) (Don’t ask Tues. morning, tho.)

Wednesday to lunchtime Fri. options love — and I repeat the warnings above re “lust.” That stated, mild love favours you — as do far journey, mental, cultural, authorized and media pursuits. Nonetheless, in all these, train a light-weight contact, be ready to attend. Job, profession communications go very properly (esp. Thurs.) — you may hear a few promotion alternative. Work on this, or on profession, VIP relations and your worldly standing, standing, Fri. pm and all day Sat. Nice progress out there! One warning: keep away from a work-related (or health-linked) argument — maybe over beliefs, ethics — Fri. morning. An thrilling week, with essential decisions.

    CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Your home state of affairs stays highlighted, Most cancers. Youngsters and their skills heat your coronary heart. However a lot of different issues draw you, additionally. Romance is nice (and talk-prone) — and your lust is highly effective now, too. An previous flame may enter the image. Deal with solely routine issues Solar. morning.This midday via Tues. brings relationships. You’ve confronted numerous delays, indecision by companions, potential lovers or others, since late April. These delays ended two weeks in the past, so that you at the moment are in critical place to current proposals, ask for co-operation, or just to point out your emotions for somebody.

Tuesday morning may trigger some disagreement, however in any other case this interval provides clean success — converse up, woo somebody (or, in enterprise, persuade somebody). These relationships veer into deeper waters Wed. to lunchtime Fri. — into dedication and consequence, into intimacy, baby-making, funding or debt discount. Dig deep, analysis, examine. Your instinct shall be tops. Little succeeds Wed., however Thurs. opens a door to authorized, journey, wedding ceremony, faculty and love success.

Keep away from a verbal, romantic or “you cheated” argument Fri. This pm and Sat. deliver all these – romantic, instructional, far journey, love, cultural rituals, media – to a gorgeous, affectionate degree. Are you single and in love? Pop the query now! Or in search of? Get out and discover (or telephone a former love). If married, take pleasure in a mellow, gently loving “adventure” with partner. An excellent week!

Leo icon, Luck Forecast   LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Your fast however straightforward month continues, Leo — for yet one more week. Deal with chores Solar. afternoon via Tues. — a superb time to purchase a automotive, pc or equipment/instruments. (Solar./Mon. greatest.)  Eat, gown sensibly. Search for employment all Three days, for those who want a job.

Relationships face you Wed. to lunchtime Fri. As I’ve been saying continuously for the final 17 months: don’t marry earlier than Nov. eight, and don’t search marriage prospects, both. That stated, you may need been dealing for the previous few months with a hot-head who typically makes you dream of marriage. In case you met earlier than Might 2017, simply be affected person — pleasure lies simply across the nook (late Nov.). Should you met since Might 2017, critically think about what the longer term can be like with this individual — and take a look at this whereas realizing that 2019 will doubtless convey a brand new, massive, robust romance. You select! If already married, simply take pleasure in it — your own home has seldom been so heat, huge, rewarding.

Friday pm and Sat. steer your relationship themes into deeper waters — benevolent, therapeutic waters. Your sexual wishes will burst to the floor. Your instinct does the identical. This can be a nice little interval for funding, intercourse/lust, way of life modifications, medical solutions, analysis and investigation — dig deep, dive in — any/all of those areas is/are blessed for you. Somebody who loves you may open the door to intimacy.

   VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Maintain your concentrate on cash this week, Virgo. Purchase/promote, search bargains, ask for a pay increase, schmooze with shoppers, and so on. Your work load is heavy and intense, however ought to deliver additional revenue. You may also search/type a pleasant, straightforward sensual bond — be trustworthy right here, don’t lead somebody on simply to fulfill your wants. Be open. (You is perhaps coping with a “recently returned” good friend.) Your reminiscence’s top-notch now — a superb time to memorize lists, faculty’s information, and so forth.

Spend Solar. morning at house, chill out, embrace the household. Sunday afternoon by way of Tues. highlights romance, magnificence, instant pleasure, charming youngsters, artistic and speculative dangers. All goes nicely, so plunge in, seize what you see. Be mildly cautious Tues. morn — romance gained’t work. That intense work development flowers extra strongly Wed. to lunchtime Fri. Warning Wed., when little goes as anticipated, however cost forward Thurs. into pre-dawn Fri. — you might enlist a great helper (who simply may flip into an incredible associate, even partner if the sexes are proper).

Cautious later Fri. morn, when a battle might erupt, or a fender-bender. Speak, drive and deal with instruments cautiously. An thrilling assembly is feasible Fri. pm, Sat. (Once more, you possibly can meet a promising relationship prospect — or, merely have a loving time together with your partner.) Dive into recent horizons, alternatives, private liaisons. Rush to hitch! Be diplomatic — don’t deliver up logic when somebody’s dreaming or “wandering” — he/she is right, not you! A great week, Virgo.

   LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Your power and charisma stay excessive, Libra. You’re driving a profitable streak, so make sure you begin one thing or to proceed giving a favorite undertaking all of your effort. Exception: cash. Your cash/revenue seems to be good, however if you attempt to push ahead, life pushes again like a smooth purchase immense pillow. So, all October, both discover/revive former cash sources, or be affected person with current ones.

Your earnings luck will return powerfully late Oct./Nov. should you chase a former venture — extra weakly, however nonetheless properly, in case your objective is a brand new enterprise. You could be stressed early Sunday, however nothing’s at stake, so simply putter, learn, speak, and so on. Sunday afternoon by means of Tues. pins you to the home board — be house, research actual property, hug the youngsters and partner, backyard, restore/ renovate, and so forth. At work, give attention to “territory.” Good luck will accompany your efforts.

You have got confronted at the least one fairly giant, money-connected “home” drawback for nearly a decade — these few days you possibly can take a step towards fixing it. (Might be something from mice within the attic to not proudly owning a house, to having one your girlfriend hates, to step-kids, and so on.)

Romantic emotions blossom Wed. to lunchtime Fri. They could lead you down a “catastrophe path” should you heedlessly chase somebody. (Learn Leo’s message for dates of assembly/understanding somebody. Like Leo, you may need, for the previous few months, been romantically leaning towards a fiery particular person who typically makes you dream of marriage. For those who met earlier than Might 2017, simply be affected person — renewal lies simply across the nook (late Nov.). Should you first met after April 2017, significantly think about what the longer term can be like with this individual… significantly!

Anyway, romance, danger, creativity, pleasure — these face disruption, battle Wed., succeed Thurs. to pre-dawn Fri. (PDT). Thursday additionally brings wonderful work/cash openings — step ahead! (Perhaps an argument Fri. morning [love vs. jealousy? money vs. romance?] — be nonetheless.) Work, chores, and well being fill Fri. pm, Sat. — all’s clean, you’ll get rather a lot accomplished. If looking for employment, search these two days.

   SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Stay “out of sight,” Scorpio — in your personal good. That is your final week to take pleasure in deep relaxation. And to select up the small, uncared for issues of your life, do them, and free your way forward for niggling entanglements. (“I ran the race, but forgot to retrieve my running shoes from my school, so I lost because I wore heavy boots instead.”) Free your self for the races it would be best to run, October 23 onward. These races will contain cash — buckets of these items will fill 2019 for you — however some might additionally pertain to like. In any case, now’s the time to relaxation, to ponder and plan your subsequent month, and yr.

Store just for routine gadgets Solar. morn. This afternoon via Tues. brings straightforward chores, contacts, calls/texts/emails/ brief journeys, paperwork and errands. You’ll accomplish these simply. Be curious, wander into new locations, ask questions. All’s nicely. Your own home, household and property come entrance and centre Wed. to lunchtime Fri. This begins with disruption Wed., so sidestep accidents (morning) and lover’s tiffs (daytime).

Thursday presents good outcomes, in addition to an opportunity to woo your partner or, if single, to seek out romance that might even be sexually satisfying — or, general, nice concepts/ideas about love. However watch, by Fri., for arguments and conflicts within the morning — maybe sparked by a remark.  Friday pm and Sat., regardless of your weariness, faucet the magic wand of romance on you — look, act. Or, should you’re “solitude bound,” spend this interval in artistic or pleasure pursuits.  A simple week, Scorpio.

   SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

One final week of want achievement, social joys, shiny horizons, optimism and recognition, Sage. All these, as famous lately, will probably be a bit “quiet,” merely since you’re in a quiet yr. (That modifications in 5 to six weeks.) Your power and charisma are excessive Solar. morning, however there’s little to try this’s consequential.

Sunday midday (PDT) via Tues. brings lucky financial developments. Ask for a pay increase, butter up shoppers, maintain a storage sale — and search for bargains — you’ll discover them. One pm Solar. (PDT) is an effective time to purchase a pc. You may hear from a “secret ally,” or hear some excellent news about well being or administration positions, or from the gov’t.

Don’t chase romance or friendship Tues. morning. Straightforward chores, errands, calls, brief journeys, information media, paperwork — these fill Wed. to lunchtime Fri. This interval isn’t straightforward Wed., as disruptions and stress and easy non-co-operation stymies your efforts. However Thurs. provides clean success, in errands (et al) in addition to home relationships. Keep away from a vigorous argument Fri. morning — it’d reveal one among your secrets and techniques. (Generally, keep away from talking, writing or driving impetuously all month, and the primary half of November.)

Movement towards house Friday pm and Sat. Hug the youngsters and partner, backyard, panorama, renovate, embellish, or simply chill — all goes nicely. (Solely drawback with simply chilling is that you’d waste all the great luck by not appearing on something.) A superb, straightforward and reassuring week.

   CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Ambition, profession, enterprise alternatives, placing your shoulder to the wheel — dive into these throughout this profitable week, Cap. Relaxation, regather your power, Solar. morning (PDT). You’ll bounce again up from midday this present day by means of Tues. Your power, charisma, timing and effectiveness will shoot upward. Ask favours, current proposals, be a pacesetter, begin vital tasks — day by day helps you, gives good luck and open doorways.

One factor: since April 2017, and lasting solely one other month, to mid-November, you’ll do higher in case you purpose your ambitions in the direction of something however cash: search place, standing, recognition, reward, even progress of belongings. These are straight-forward, whereas earnings are twisted in karmic alleyways — for an additional month solely.

Talking of earnings, that’s the primary focus Wed. to lunchtime Fri. Be cautious, see “three steps ahead” earlier than you chew or cost forth. Wednesday holds obstacles, however fairly delicate ones: cash and friendship don’t combine. Thursday begs you to behave, although not precisely in cash zones: communications, social contacts, enterprise calls, paperwork/purposes, and negotiated agreements: these go properly today. You possibly can type a brand new friendship (tho’ it won’t final lengthy).

Cautious Fri. morning (mid-morn PDT) — a disagreement involving cash topics (notably with a pal/social contact) might get very verbal. Drive rigorously. Friday pm and Sat. deliver errands, informal associates, lunch on the patio, communications, paperwork, brief journey — all throughout a candy, straightforward day and a half. All week (all month!) your social contacts deliver happiness, even a romantic prospect. Teams deal with you affectionately, so bid now for one you “missed” prior to now. A former pal/lover can return, to flirt, perhaps to extra.

    AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

9 days left of a clever, philosophical temper, Aquarius. Twenty-six extra days of feeling like destiny’s pawn, or of struggling towards “life”.  33 extra days of heightened sexual magnetism/ assertiveness, anger, tantrums and “fire danger”. Excellent news, because the “fate’s pawn” expertise is already 17 months previous, and the warmth/anger/impatience has been round since Might. So, many themes are ending, and a brand new world is simply across the nook.

However for now, this week, concentrate on authorized issues, insurances/statistics, fame, worldwide venues, far journey, cultural, mental and media involvement/prospects. These “treat you” benevolently… so does love, of a mild, marrying variety. (Don’t take this uber-seriously, as Nov. eight will start a yr of joyous socializing, flirtations and love prospects. No matter occurs now, in love, understand: 1] you’re selecting the trail, not him/her, and selecting it partly for standing; and a couple of] in case you’re presently in love or concerned, Nov. 2018 to Dec. 2019 ought to enhance the state of affairs, the thrill. Assume deeply: the place do you need to go, with whom?)

Bosses, authorities deal with you with grace and affection, and look favourably in your proposals, efforts. Nonetheless, profession progress, regardless of all of the goodwill, turns in circles of delay and second ideas. That’s okay, rewards are nonetheless coming.

Speak and go to Solar. morning — nothing of consequence. Retreat this afternoon by way of Tues. — discover solitude, quietude. Ponder: who/what has rebuffed you, and why; really, why? Additionally ponder your future, which (in 2 months you’ll agree with me) is splendid!  (However not now, proper?) Issues go very nicely with civil servants, administration/admin, religious and charitable associations, confidential associates and closed-door discussions.

Your power and charisma soar Wed. to lunchtime Fri. Good, however don’t get heavy-handed, or lead others into areas you aren’t actually accustomed to. Wednesday’s mildly irritating in love, however good for profession motion/conferences. Thursday presents a splendid career-money doorway or improvement; converse to a key determine. Friday morning wants warning: a verbal disagreement might sully your profession prospects, maybe alienate potential allies. Chase cash Fri. pm and Sat. — good luck accompanies you, so plunge in, esp. the place cash meets profession.

   PISCES:  Jan. 19-Feb. 20

That is your final week of important, deep, “core” motion, Pisces. Your world, your life, can flip in your efforts and investigations, might have for the final Three weeks additionally. Sexual want, energy motives, monetary actions (investments, mortgage, debt discount — and even accepting shares or fairness as a part of your wage) — these be a part of with way of life modifications, medical procedures and analysis. All are advisable now.

You may really feel formidable Solar. morn, need to go to a restaurant the place they’ll respect you, or need individuals to acknowledge your value. Such sensible stuff floats away Sunday afternoon via Tues. As an alternative, optimism, pleasure of dwelling, reputation and social delights, leisure and wishful considering buoy your coronary heart! Reply to a flirtation — however control ethics/morals. Your informal buddies are altering, aren’t they? (Or you’ll be able to sense a future change.)

Retreat Wed. to Fri. lunchtime. Relaxation, nap, cope with charities and religious teams, meditate, ponder your life and bonds, and plan future actions. In case you want a hand, charities and gov’t businesses will assist. Nevertheless, this isn’t a simple interval. Wednesday’s advantageous, however “soft” obstacles counter motion. Thursday’s nice — you might meet love (maybe an previous flame), signal a contract, study vital secrets and techniques, or simply purchase journey tickets, apply for college admission, contact publishers, or examine a brand new cultural venue, and so on.

Friday morning wants care — keep away from gossip, revealing your personal secrets and techniques, getting right into a (probably authorized) struggle over rules or a restriction — or a heating drawback. Your power and charisma come hovering again Fri. pm and Sat. — cost forward, it’s all methods go. Lead, begin vital ventures, ask favours, see and be seen. You’ll win!



(Re under: I’m not a monetary advisor, and haven’t any funding coaching.)

I personal an fascinating Canadian REIT (akin to stapled or partnership models within the U.S.).  REITS (actual property funding trusts) sometimes borrow cash and purchase actual property. They then lease out the actual property, pay curiosity/money owed, and the remaining is revenue. (Very crudely said.) They promote shares of their firm, the REIT, to the general public, then pay these shareholders a dividend that’s sometimes 5 to 9% a yr. (Or far more than financial institution curiosity.) These charges range in worth with the financial system, and often are supported by their income. So when you held 1 share of a REIT, and it value you $1, and paid everybody 10 cents per share per yr, that may be a 10% return. If this REIT paid each share 9 cents per share per yr,  that may give a 9% return. And so forth.

I don’t like REITS that pay lower than 2.5 occasions the 10-year bond yield. If the REIT can’t pay a reasonably excessive dividend, it could be in a sluggish business, or in monetary hassle. If the company’s revenue is 2 or 3 times the dividend, I applaud them for his or her monetary power and conservative prudence, however I don’t like tightwads; so I keep away from them. (E.g., I discovered a REIT that makes a revenue of roughly 10% per yr, however solely pays a 2% dividend. The corporate retains the opposite eight%. To me, that displays a egocentric, anal administration.) I like REITS that sail with the wind a bit, athletic corporations adjusting to vary.

Anyway, this specific REIT focuses on auto showrooms. Fascinating. An concept that was utterly new to me. An organization totally supported by the automotive business. This provides it the power of uniqueness: no rivals. It has some longevity: whilst fuel powered automobiles are slowly changed by electrical, Tesla will nonetheless want a showroom.

However even showrooms will ultimately disappear — in truth already web automotive gross sales are taking off. These sellers supply supply to your door, with a 7-day return choice, One other permits you to go to a central automotive stacking tower, which spits out the brand new automotive you ordered by way of web. These websites will scale back the variety of showrooms, therefore the revenue for this showroom REIT. I might give it one other 5 years; it may additionally broaden, if the financial system is robust. (Nevertheless, a robust financial system will scale back the “stock price” of any REIT.)
***   ***

Banks would be the shock troops of the brand new financial system — which is upon us now, and will final 7 years. I’m unsure we see/acknowledge this financial system but. I might NOT personal a REIT that specialised in, or leaned closely on financial institution tenants. Banks should maintain some branches open, however banking not requires any bodily contact or proximity. There are nonetheless money, and ATMs, and tellers, and vaults… To a point banks will maintain their branches open, as a result of it reassures a suspicious or non-technical slice of the general public that “the old way” of bodily cash, and so forth., nonetheless exists. However steadily – and this course of started a decade or two in the past – the banks will scale back branches.

Inside 7 years, banking might be virtually unrecognizable. It’d take longer than 7 years to realize final cyber-banking, however many people are already within the room. I’m a pc klutz, but my banking has been totally internetted for at the very least 5 years. When “ultimate internet” is reached, there might be no bodily banks; though, maybe in a transition part, central banks and the top workplaces of economic banks could be required to take care of a bodily constructing someplace. However cash shall be a measure of belief. Actually.

At a far level, probably the most cash or worth will probably be given to the one who trusts probably the most. Cash can be each a ghost and a creation, virtually an inspiration, will float round us, and banks will journey the web (or no matter’s subsequent) like low-pulse electrical eels, unseen, unfelt, no bodily change, simply this ghostly “knowing” (on our half) that a presence is there, and it one way or the other reassures us with its heat thrumming.

Ultimately all our cash might be in our fingers; we’ll all contact the identical wall; share the identical large pc. (Maybe, as stated earlier than, made from water.)

Auto showrooms are both a secondary or main degree (tranche?) of secular decline. (Financial institution actual property is a main degree decliner, as are newspapers.) I feel this auto showroom REIT has a shorter life span than people who carry workplace and business premises. Workplaces will shrink in a secular approach. Ditto shops (often combined with banks). I feel autos shall be one of many longer-lasting options of our world, and won’t disappear for 100 years. However showrooms will shrink even inside 5 years. Already, web automotive retailers exist. Quickly, for brand spanking new automobiles, there could be a central showroom constructed and operated by the automotive maker, simply so clients can see, really feel and odor the automotive. However many will purchase off the web, particularly when video advances give us Three-D or holographic photographs from our computer systems.

Generally, you need to have 2 guidelines for purchasing REITS: 1) understand their worth will decline if rates of interest rise. (Often resulting from both a booming financial system, or inflation). And a couple of) keep away from, now ahead, any REITs whose underlying properties shall be considerably affected by the web or any new know-how. This warning lasts till 2025.