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     ~ Desiderata

Astrology forecast:  that is the Jupiter Luck cycle forecast. If you wish to learn the current week’s horoscope, please go to the sidebar on the appropriate and click on on October 21, 2018.

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All occasions/Dates are PDT – Pacific Daylight Time zone. PDT is eight hours earlier than Greenwich England (BDT). For instance when it’s midday PDT right here, it’s eight PM in England – and four AM the subsequent day in China. You’ll be able to Google ‘time zone converter’ in your personal zone.

START NOTHING: Earlier than four:27 pm Solar., 7:31 pm to 7:42 pm Tues., and 9:31 pm to 10:48 pm Thurs.

PREAMBLE:  (There’s additionally a reasonably large AFTERAMBLE.)

On November eight, Jupiter, the planet of nice good luck, enters Sagittarius, its “home” signal, for nearly 13 months (to December 2, 2019). This can change the luck impact for everybody. It may additionally point out that 2019 might be a “bigger” yr, with main world-wide expansions or occasions in lots of areas, particularly politics, world journey, schooling/publishing, and regulation. We’d see martial frictions flare.

This week’s column will concentrate on that change in luck for each signal, under.

(Subsequent week, I’ll write “karmic forecasts” for every signal. It’s a strong “coincidence” that Jupiter creates a brand new 12/13-month luck cycle, the identical day the moon’s nodes change indicators. This hints that this winter, and the yr forward, will strike a brand new future or karmic setting concurrently our luck modifications. Anticipate main occasions in politics, worldwide affairs, hierarchies [and economic consequences]. The Russia-U.S. nuclear spat is an instance… BTW, such main developments as this Jupiter/lunar node typically fire up occasions weeks, even a month or two, earlier than the technical change, on this case Nov. eight/18.)


ALL SIGNS: The luck potentials described under in your signal, will have a tendency to hurry towards outcomes from Nov. eight/18 to April 9/19, then your efforts and luck will meet delays April to August, after which velocity to a rewarding conclusion early August to December 2/19. (That center part, April to August, continues to be priceless, because it permits you to revise and re-calibrate, to regulate your strategy, for a remaining success-run August to December 2019.)

It’ll  be a really hopeful and wishful yr, this December to subsequent, regardless of large worldwide and political developments. (‘Cuz Mars is 11th to its own sign, war-makers will feel a new confidence, an urge to pound their chests.) This optimism won’t a lot profit the financial system as increase the presence and glow of sure teams, notably teams which might be in someway related to conflict or weapons or explosives, or with athletic goals. Macho, harmful issues. Robust ladies.

The financial system? Upward, however a lot of it faces mists and clearing after which extra mists, making a risky, reactive market that may blow up on hearsay, then deflate with a worrisome report. I feel individuals are anticipating the worst, as able to run as a rabbit, and this can trigger many “feints” up and down… with the prospect that a bubble grows someplace, in some sector, then blows up in a panic. This will add volatility. Nonetheless, many individuals will earn cash. Wall Road will flip inward, to take a position out of the general public eye, and to self-regulate, to start to construct or overhaul its buildings and processes, esp. people who cope with safety and possession.


    ARIES:  March 21-April 19

From November eight, 2018 to December 2, 2019, Aries, your main good luck will centre on far journey, authorized and worldwide affairs, cultural and social rituals, schooling, publishing/media, renown, promoting, statistics, insurance coverage, mental pursuits, and love; particularly love that results in weddings. (Should you’re a mum or dad, it’s the love you are feeling when considering your youngsters’s general improvement, their concepts and life views.) Diving into any of those ought to end in a cheerful consequence. You’ll improve your understanding of world occasions and of your society, in a means that brings you extra peace and a sense of goodwill and optimism.

Voyages to thrilling locations are possible, and fortunate.

Just one space can maintain you again from full success: a attainable secret, a restriction you typically don’t inform others about, a authorities hyperlink or obligation, some personal burden, even one you’re keen on, comparable to a toddler. If it takes just a bit effort to unravel a hold-back, achieve this shortly. As an example, in the event you owe a tax penalty you could wipe out in two pay checks, do it directly. The much less there’s on this space of secrecy and gov’t hyperlinks, the additional you’ll soar.

The identical impact (hindrances to success) can come up from religious practices. On this occasion, you’ll make the fitting selection: belief your shining aspect, however don’t strangle your primal aspect both. The primal and bodily world is simply as necessary and beneficial because the religious world.

Your luck in love is extra highly effective than it appears. Like a light-weight breeze on a vibrant summer time’s twilight, you possibly can mildly and quietly take pleasure in a brand new individual’s presence with out considering anything about it. However slowly love, like that mild breeze, will pleasantly encompass you, then very pleasantly take you away to a spot of ecstasy.

Artists, writers, students and legal professionals ought to have a terrific yr. Purpose for information fairly than cash — it can comply with. (In a few yr, relying.) You is perhaps revealed, or your face might seem on tv. In the whole lot you do, assume first, discuss concepts fairly than details/particulars. A superb yr to use for or enter school/college, to voyage afar or undertake a publishing/media enterprise. If single, you’ll be able to meet glowing prospects in libraries, faculties, regulation workplaces/courtroom rooms, airports or practice stations, and in overseas climes.

taurus weekly forecast   TAURUS:  April 20-Might 20

The 13 months forward (to Dec. 2/19) increase your fortunes tremendously in investments, debt discount, giant funds, tax points, diagnostics, analysis and investigation, occultism, surgical procedure, way of life modifications, depth psychology, intimacy and sexual embraces. It’s time to make a dedication (two giant ones) and welcome the results, that are virtually sure to be  useful. Being pregnant is extra doubtless “available” than in most years. Modifications that happen now will virtually invariably be for the higher.

Your unconscious will increase and rise to the floor, heightening your instinct and filling you with an internal mild that dispels previous ghosts, self-doubts and worries.

Associations you shaped in 2018 will now enter deeper zones, the place cash or belongings or your bodily and emotional self are shared or pooled. Now, the revenue and rewards of these relationships arrives. This goes triple for those who shaped a deep marriage bond in 2018 — the yr forward opens an entire world of mortgages, infants, home-making, and so on.

Your well being will have a tendency to enhance. Guard your thighs and hips. (And the “good life expansion” on these hips!) Property, household, retirement, vitamin and safety considerations shall be favoured, however not directly. One warning: don’t let interfering buddies or unrealistic needs intrude together with your deep, critical monetary or different progress. Your fortunate tasks may decelerate a bit April to August, 2019 — use this era to re-examine, modify, and so forth.

   GEMINI:  Might 21-June 20

The 13 months forward (to Dec. 2, 2019) convey an enormous wave of alternatives, new relationships and recent, bountiful horizons. If single, you face a primary yr to satisfy a life-mate. You’re more likely to face two prospects, and should select one.  If married and sad, separation might happen. Should you’re fortunately married, your mate will probably be optimistic, cheerful and “a real friend” — you may renew your vows, or be a part of your partner (and youngsters) on an excellent journey — e.g., hike the Silk Street or no matter!

Depart stale safety behind. The alternatives you face can vary from worldwide journey, greater schooling, publishing/media, import/export, faith, philosophy, promoting, statistics, insurance coverage and science (not “high tech”). And naturally, love.

One warning: fortunate Jupiter, which brings you all these presents, also can broaden dangerous relationships. So for those who’re at conflict, anticipate a conflagration; a lawsuit might broaden to new realms and swollen authorized charges. You may get right into a shouting match with somebody who frustrates — and attracts you.

Others maintain all of the fortunate keys now, so when you’re going to succeed, you have to provoke and domesticate relationships. Be co-operative, diplomatic, persuasive. Take heed to and reply others’ wants and wishes. You’ll be lucky in relocation, contracts and agreements, enterprise partnerships, friendships and new hyperlinks, dealings with the general public — and, for some, fame/renown. Individuals will deal with you generously. Be warned, although, those that are luckiest for you now are additionally hot-tempered, so put away your teasing tongue.

Any associate you pursue now, in love or enterprise, will are typically forthright, cheerful and trustworthy (and maybe a bit pompous). Often beneath such influences you possibly can belief what individuals say and the way they act — each allies and enemies shall be open and trustworthy — however this yr (2019) others are additionally coping with worries and misconceptions about their safety. This will trigger modifications of thoughts and coronary heart later, regardless of how truthfully they vow their allegiance within the current.

This can be a excellent interval to relocate, particularly in case you are doing so for love, to cement a bond or since you’ve simply “hooked up.”

That is the primary time in a quarter-century that you’re touched with joyous partnership fortune, and not using a “condition” that claims the bond should dissolve. (As occurred in 2007.)

   CANCER:  June 21-July 22

This November eight to early December 2019 brings a yr of increasing alternatives in work, well being, service trades, equipment, repairs and renovations, and dealings with/help of dependents. This can be a splendid 13 months to hunt employment. You’ll just like the job and the opposite staff. You may work additional time, or moonlight with a second job. Attempt to make any advances everlasting. For example, it’s higher to realize a everlasting step up in your job, than to dive into additional time. The previous lasts, the latter gained’t.

Co-workers and colleagues will deal with you with cheerful generosity. In case you’re a boss, this is a wonderful time to rent new staff. (Do it earlier than March, or mid-August onward. And verify references — a little bit of “innocent exaggeration” could be happening.) When you personal a enterprise, this is a wonderful yr to increase or refurbish.

You may purchase a brand new truck or different machine this yr, or new home equipment in your residence. Purchases might be huge, strong and lucky. Work machines you purchase now can earn their maintain in a short time — e.g., should you purchase a backhoe, you’ll get plenty of jobs with it. However draw back from shopping for water/fluid-related gadgets/gear: scorching tubs, hydraulics, sea meals, and so on. Should you work in considered one of these water-related areas, you possibly can super-succeed, be promoted or watch your small business increase!

Maintain your well being, as small issues may broaden if uncared for. Correct food plan and common sleep hours will profit you greater than normal.

Leo icon, Luck Forecast   LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

The 13 months that start Nov. eight, 2018 will increase your luck in love and romance, creativity, self-expression, hypothesis, gold and jewellery, educating/elevating youngsters, (fast) pleasure, magnificence, theatre, video games, sports activities, artwork, and luxurious items — every part you’re all the time good at!

You may fall in love in a deep, lasting approach. However keep away from anybody who, in your first few conferences, exhibits indicators of a potential drawback with alcohol or medicine (or actuality). (And, in your half, keep away from over-blowing somebody’s response to you, whether or not good or dangerous. It’s straightforward to blow issues into massive balloons that may pop. Yet one more warning: romance and intercourse won’t maintain arms, so that you may want to decide on — select love, let lust wait.) Act like a winner — for the dangers you’re taking will are likely to repay.

Should you’re (fortunately) married, your partner will glow with new youth, and your youngsters will shock you with unsuspected expertise(s).

Don’t really feel responsible about pleasure. Quantity One, you deserve it; and Two, pleasure now’s a type of relaxation or rejuvenation that may “ready you” for the work, alternatives and relationship   openings of the subsequent three years. in the event you’re single, one you fall in love with in 2019 might turn into a life mate by 2021. Good issues will have a tendency to return in two’s, so that you may need to decide on between two potential lovers.

It doesn’t matter what your job or duties, don’t work so exhausting/lengthy that you simply skimp on romance and artistic or pleasure urges. Knock on a fortunate door, Leo! Depart the boredom to others.

   VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The interval from Nov. eight/18 to Dec. 2/19 will give you a brand new, affluent, cheerful, invigorating and honourable place to face. A spot that may turn out to be an enduring profit in your life for a minimum of the subsequent 12 to 13 years, probably ceaselessly. This place could be wholly emotional or philosophical, a spot in your soul or in your loved ones. It might manifest as a therapeutic, or as a start for brand spanking new mother and father, or just a big renovation of your home; or a transfer from a shoddy, costly or uncomfortable rental residence to a a lot better one.

Some of the vital alternatives of this luck development happens in actual property. This can be a prime interval — one of the best in 12 or 13 years — to promote and purchase a house.

Lucky Jupiter might additionally nudge you to finish conditions which have oppressed or annoyed you, maybe for years. It’s an excellent time — since your analysis of others can be virtually brutally trustworthy — to prune your life’s backyard; to eliminate stale relationships and dead-end conditions, and make room to plant the seeds of latest hyperlinks and new tasks.

Nevertheless, be sure to’re eliminating correctly. You’re in an extended [2011 to 2025] part in which you’ll be able to be apprehensive/ questioning about one or two highly effective relationships as a result of the opposite individual is so illogical, wispy and dreamy that it virtually scares you. But this kind of individual is strictly what you want in a companion!

You may be granted giant chunks of “R&R” time, intervals in which you’ll be able to chill out and ponder the world. This yr will allow you to pleasantly recharge your religious, psychological, emotional and bodily batteries — which can put you in nice form for the (big in case you’re single) love, artistic and speculative alternatives of 2020.

   LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The 12-13 months that begin November eight/18 will deliver you a lot associates and informal contacts, a whirl of journey and new sights. (A brand new neighbourhood you sail via this yr might include your future house, one you may transfer to in 2020 — however pay attention, Libra: DO NOT transfer into a brand new residence earlier than Might/June 2020. Unhappiness in the event you do. Joyful outcomes if later in 2020.)

You may be snowed underneath a storm of paperwork, calls, messages and errands. That’s okay — for in these small issues one or two gems of alternative lie. For instance, an software for a faculty that may change your life later, or an opportunity encounter which may later result in partnership in love or enterprise. Comply with your curiosity — it is going to add to your information of individuals, and your inter-personal expertise. Take note of the media.

Maintain issues mild, flowing and ephemeral. This isn’t a superb yr (2019) to commit your self to any main life stance or motion — so keep away from mortgages, main revisions of your investments, looking for marriage, and so on. For instance, should you’re a author by commerce, dive into mild, brief or fast works, articles slightly than books.

All issues involving love, romance, youngsters, creativity and inventiveness will achieve a light-weight means. Life will give you two (or extra) mild, pleasant romances. However should you’re looking for the romance of the century, you’ll possible be disenchanted. (And but this “light way” may open a door, steadily, to a big change in the way you expertise intimacy and romance — and probably, with whom. Informal feedback, a glancing contact of arms, might spark a deep, compelling bond, although not essentially a everlasting one. For seven years, you’ll be drawn to secret or personal lust conditions: be moral, no extra-marital shenanigans!)

   SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

All 2018, Scorpio, you’ve got had an opportunity (or two) to give attention to cash, and to organize or launch revenue (or buying) tasks that promised huge future rewards. Nicely, that reward time is right here. From Nov. eight/18 to Dec. 2/19, your cash luck soars to large new heights! (Learn the “intro” above about forward-moving and static luck durations — launch any new cash tasks earlier than April or after August 10 for to greatest outcomes.)

Take benefit — ask for a pay increase, increase your charges or costs, improve your efforts in gross sales or buying and selling areas, promote previous undesirable gadgets, and so on. You may grow to be a storage sale entrepreneur! The revenue degree you attain this yr will are likely to final, to type a plateau, for the subsequent 12 years or so. This can be a prime, fortunate yr to realize employment, begin a enterprise or broaden an present enterprise with new territory, acquisition or product strains.

You enter this yr with extra optimism than you’ve felt in a decade — hold, nourish this optimism, for it spells success! It’s additionally a lucky time for buying giant gadgets. Go purchase that yacht, or in the event you’re poor, purchase one in horrible restore. You’ll locate the type of bargains that may make a tycoon from a mere mortal. (For instance, each on occasion an enormous enterprise shall be on the market for a greenback [plus debt, usually]— I noticed a plywood mill on the market this manner. This yr, bounce on such a chance.)

Cash and possessions aren’t the one zones touched by this yr’s magic wand. Your reminiscence will broaden, shocking even you some days. You’ll obtain a lift in rote studying, technical schooling, and sensual conditions. Bodily intimacy will come simply. One, maybe two individuals will probably be prepared, in a pleasant, pleasant means, to go to mattress with you. However emotional intimacy is a special matter. Be trustworthy with a brand new sexual companion should you don’t really feel an underlying ardour: pretending will solely harm him/her extra in the long term.

    SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Wow and pow, Sagittarius, that is YOUR fortunate yr! The mists and quiet hurts of 2018 will dissolve like morning haze as your solar rises on a brilliant new yr. From Nov. eight/18 to early December 2019, a hurricane of advantages will carry your coronary heart, your eyes and your prospects to dazzling new horizons.

It’s onerous to pin down your luck to any particular space as you, your self, are fortunate, and can switch that luck to virtually something you contact. As a result of your cheerfulness, pleasant strategy and optimism will probably be excessive you’ll appeal to many suitors, if single. (Leos, Geminis and Aries stand out.)

If married, you’ll merely be fortunate — however your mate may show a brand new cooperativeness, as he/she realizes that your path is the best path. If not, for those who get right into a disagreement with anybody, keep in mind that you’ve a fast mood — particularly about politics, beliefs and rules — and 2019 will intensify your impact on others. Don’t let your mood shove somebody away, previous the purpose of return. [For a clue, read Gemini’s message, second paragraph. Someone who argues with you might also be deeply attracted to you.]

As a result of Jupiter, the planet that’s “causing” your elevated luck this yr, tends to broaden every part, it could possibly additionally broaden any lawsuit, argument or enmity. Greatest answer: make no enemies!

As a result of your character, confidence and attractiveness increase, this can be a nice interval to be in (or enter) politics on any degree from native membership president to nationwide chief. You’re additionally favoured now to achieve larger schooling, worldwide affairs, import/export, authorized dealings, cultural and social rituals (e.g. weddings) publishing, broadcasting, faith/ philosophy, and enterprise. Anticipate terrific outcomes should you work in any gross sales or mental subject (author, educational, lawyer, priest, scholar, and so forth.).

Break away, Sage — search new horizons, even an entire new life!

   CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The November 2018 to December 2019 luck cycle will favour your inside world, Cap. You’ll uncover a (quiet) treasure trove of advantages in spirituality, home comforts, spas and resorts, warehousing, analysis, closed door conferences, planning periods, committee/coverage conferences, administration and paperwork, authorities liaisons, establishments, social welfare/charities, and remedy/counselling — whether or not you’re the giver/practitioner or the receiver/shopper.

It’s a superb time to seek out an agent on your product (together with inventive, literary brokers). A superb time to hunt counsellors, advisors, psychics, astrologers, and so forth. It’s not a lot that you simply want quick recommendation, however that you could study issues which beneficially have an effect on your long-range ideas and actions. (Truly, additionally, you will profit in “immediate” phrases, for this yr forward, and the six months following it, will current you with numerous temptations which you can most simply cope with — and escape the traps of — by in search of one other viewpoint.)

Everybody has a secret cave into which they stuff all their previous fears, misgivings, misplaced loves, hurts and insecurities. When this cave will get too full — or too darkish and fearsome — we now have an issue. It drains our braveness and power. This yr forward, sunny, fortunate Jupiter shines all through this cave, eradicating previous ghosts and liberating your psyche for the large new life that begins in 2018 via 2020. (The brilliant, liberating half happens now by means of 2019.)

To assist this rejuvenation, search relaxation, quietude, and contemplation. Mirror, research your path, look at your soul and your emotional connections. Are you being nurtured sufficient? Are you nurturing others sufficient? Most significantly, plan your future. Do you want instructional upgrading? Might you profit from a mentor? How are you going to improve your persuasive expertise?

Understand, although your outer or worldly luck is perhaps low, you’re planning (and in some methods launching) a serious new cycle in your life. (Might to December, 2020, will deliver that new cycle in a strong, fruitful approach.)

   AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Two main needs will come true throughout this luck-filled yr forward, Aquarius (November 2018 to December 2019). You’re probably the most social signal of the zodiac, and this yr will broaden your circle tremendously. Your reputation will soar — much more importantly, you’ll really feel a brand new enjoyment in individuals. Share your hopes and goals — others will probably be prepared to assist you in reaching them. You possibly can encourage an entire group to comply with your lead and/or journey in a desired course.

You have got a lot to consider or modify to when it comes to your home future. The subsequent 7 years purpose you towards house and household, safety and property, extra strongly than in any previous interval. You may virtually say these are your essential future. In late 2018 by means of 2019 your means to see, plan and visualize your future is prime notch. You may be a part of with the individual or group who can convey that future about within the nicest, most pleasing means.

Your optimism and friendliness can deliver nice sensible outcomes — elevated gross sales, new shoppers, a promotion at work, and so on. This isn’t a yr to dive into current pleasure, however to plan future happiness. Manage social outings or live shows, political rallies or protest marches. (In politics, anticipate shining outcomes.)

DO be a part of new teams, golf equipment and societies — a circle you be a part of now can have an effect on your life beneficially for over a decade (even to life’s finish). You may begin a love affair with a pal, one that may final for a very long time, particularly for those who each orient your life round a home state of affairs.

These two needs? They will come true in any space, however are almost certainly to blossom in socializing/friendship, romance, and, seemingly by a fluke, cash or possessions. You’ll be completely satisfied!

    PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Lucky Jupiter will bless and increase your worldly standing this November 2018 to December 2019, Pisces. Ambitions, profession, enterprise, parenting, popularity, group involvements and standing — these shall be touched by a fortunate, cheerful wand. This can be a splendid yr (maybe the perfect in over a decade) to launch a enterprise, search promotion, achieve admiration, or in any other case climb the ladder of success. In some instances, your ascent might be rooted within the mental, instructional, media, spiritual or journey/worldwide actions you undertook earlier in 2018.

One factor: search sensible associations this yr forward. Don’t search reputation, social gathering buddies, nor even mild, flirtatious affairs — these are a lure, like a pothole you’ll be able to sink into and miss your formidable mark. For instance, should you’re a TV broadcaster, be critical — don’t attempt to entertain your viewers.

For fulfillment, launch tasks and purposes earlier than April or after mid-August.

Your parenting position, or mother or father/youngster relations (even when you’re the kid) shall be blessed throughout this yr. Your mother and father, in addition to bosses and VIPs, will favour your objectives, prolong a serving to hand, give permission, and so forth. So hold asking, maintain considering up new proposals and schemes to current to them. (This largess doesn’t essentially pertain within the courtroom; a decide may as properly forgive you as pour a bucket of punishment on you.)

Research the hierarchy at work, domesticate bosses and mentors. In the event you’re within the arts, contact brokers, gallery house owners and VIPs. In case you’re unemployed, this can be a excellent yr to hunt work. Goal for positions that provide alternatives for promotion, relatively than for the fast revenue they supply.

If single, you may wed this yr; in that case, it is going to be a “status event”. Whether or not by marriage or by work, your course in 2019 is upward!



Stunned by the U.S. inventory markets’ resiliency and buoyancy? The New York Inventory Change was established March eight, 1817 — a Pisces group. However the unique inventory trade of the U.S. was born Might 17, 1792 – a Taurus entity. That’s a puzzle, considerably.

From 2011 to 2025, the planet Neptune travels by means of Pisces. Neptune is Pisces’ ruling planet, so it’s increasing, principally positively, each Pisces’ prospects and fortunes, together with the Pisces inventory market. So anticipate the U.S. indexes, particularly the NYSE, to stay buoyant for an additional 6 years. Perhaps that’s why I wrote, simply earlier than the early 2018 mini-crash, to promote or maintain shares, to not purchase, “yet I remain optimistic.”

BUT Uranus is now welcoming travelling Uranus for an additional 7 years. That is an indicator of utmost volatility. Regardless of the promise of buoyancy, I wouldn’t belief this market week-to-week.

TIM’S TEXTBOOK:  (For college kids of astrology.)

The planet Saturn within the 11th home at start: this individual could have few buddies her/his personal age, however will befriend and luxuriate in those that are a era youthful and/or older, all through life.

Saturn within the seventh: will appeal to and have interaction with these older and youthful, somewhat than these of her/his personal era.

Saturn within the fifth home: similar, however applies to romance.

(You’ll be able to fairly properly apply this age-bias phenomena to any home’s pursuits, relying on Saturn’s home placement at delivery. E.g., Saturn within the second home: cash dealings with different generations.)

(This technique may also be used for transiting Saturn — e.g., as Saturn strikes by means of an individual’s seventh home for two+ years, the individual will have a tendency to draw “co-operation” and even love from these a lot youthful or older, however expertise rejection from his/her personal era — briefly. For this reason many astrologers/writers declare — mistakenly — that Saturn within the seventh causes/ signifies rejection generally. It is just rejection by one’s chronological friends, not by these appreciably older or youthful.)

You need to use Jupiter (friendship, optimism, good luck) the identical means. E.g., for those who have been born with Jupiter within the fifth home, you’ll be fortunate all of your life in romance, with out “age restrictions.” (Although you’ll be luckiest in center age.) On a short lived foundation, when Jupiter travels by means of, say, your seventh home for 12 and a half months each 13 years, you’ll have luck in assembly a brand new mate.)

Individuals born with the Solar within the fifth home are often profitable, or a minimum of fortunate, in no matter issues the signal signifies. E.g., Solar in Capricorn within the fifth, profitable in ambitions. Profitable climber. Or in Sagittarius, fortunate in overseas voyages and lands, within the regulation or educational halls, publishing and such issues.

Issues develop extra complicated when the fifth home begins with one signal, however the Solar, whereas nonetheless within the fifth home, is within the subsequent signal. Anticipate to see a mixing of qualities. E.g., the fifth home begins with conservative Capricorn, 15 levels, and extends to 17 levels Aquarius. The solar is in creative, out-of-the-box Aquarius, however sensible, conservative Cap rides the cusp. So we get an inventor who runs his personal modest firm, hires eight staff, loves a problem, and runs the native boys’ hardball group. That is extra possible than a pure impulsive, head within the clouds idealist or a pure bureaucrat, careerist, whether or not in gov’t or company workplaces. Ambition.
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Scientists now consider there are two extra giant planets in our photo voltaic system. They’ve named one “Planet Nine,” and consider it’s the measurement of Neptune. One article stated it was about 10 occasions Earth’s mass. Neither planet has truly been seen or situated, however astronomers infer the existence of a minimum of considered one of them (“Planet Nine”) by its gravitational impact on a gaggle of dwarf planets or planetoids close by, inflicting them to bunch collectively.

If there are two new planets, they might “fill in” the current zodiac. For hundreds of years, each Gemini and Virgo have “used” Mercury as their ruling planet, whereas each Taurus and Libra have shared Venus. I think Mercury is actually Gemini’s ruler, and Venus is Taurus’ ruler.

I might assign Planet 9 to Virgo * for 2 causes: 1) “Nine” begins with “N,” a Virgo letter, and a couple of) the character of the indicators concerned. (It’s existence was introduced whereas the Solar was in Virgo, a seemingly third purpose to assign this new planet to Virgo — however it was “discovered”earlier.)

However again to 2) the character of the indicators: Gemini is “pure Mercury” — changeable, fast(silver), gabby, fast, scattered — “dual” in outlook and character (“the twins”). Virgo can also be changeable, however is heavy, thick in nature, bodily, earthy, and is seldom talkative — one in every of Mercury’s prime traits. So, I might assign another planet than mercurial Mercury to Virgo, and Planet 9 appears to be in line.

In the identical method, we’d speculate that the opposite “not yet seen” planet can be Libra’s ruler. Once more, the character of every signal appears to help this. Venus is the planet of sensual love. Taurus is the epitome of sensual love and intimate pleasure. Libra can also be a love signal, however it’s cooler than Taurus, and an mental signal (whereas Taurus is a sensible signal). Libra lives extra within the thoughts than the flesh.

Simply as Gemini is the “pure essence” of Mercury, and Taurus the “pure essence” of Venus, so Virgo and Libra are, to the cautious observer, not trustworthy reflections of Mercury nor Venus, respectively.

What amazes me is the knowledge of the early astrologers. They divided the sky/zodiac into 12 pie shapes (although maybe not for astrological causes). Till the 19th Century, solely 5 planets have been recognized — Mercury to Saturn — as a result of they might be seen by the bare eye. However that meant 10 indicators needed to share a ruling planet. (The Solar and Moon dominated — and nonetheless do — the opposite 2 of the 12 indicators, Leo and Most cancers.) Now it appears we’d have a singular planet for each signal — however how did they know that, hundreds of years in the past? Perhaps anyone advised them.

~ Eris, which is bigger than Pluto, could be Virgo’s ruler. Eris was found roughly 13 years in the past. Some astrologers have tried to affiliate Eris with Virgo, however there isn’t a consensus but. The difficulty with utilizing Eris is that it’s mythological namesake is solely unfavorable. Eris was a goddess of strife and discord, the sister of Mars. (Earlier referred to as Ares > Aries.)

On the plus aspect, some ancients thought Eris was “two gods in one” — one inflicting dangerous strife, however the different inflicting good strife — for instance, the type of strife that makes one farmer attempt to out-grow one other farmer, which results in competitors, innovation and enchancment/progress. (This double-god factor echoes of Virgo, which, like Gemini, is a “double-bodied” signal.)

Additionally, we settle for strife-prone Mars as Aries’ ruler, so why not Eris as Virgo’s? To a point, chauvinism lives right here: it’s okay for a male god/planet, Mars, to be a fighter, a warrior, an aggressor, nevertheless it’s thought-about repulsive for a feminine god/planet to be the identical. So Mars known as a warrior (honourable, revered) however Eris is known as an instigator of quarrels (nasty, undesirable). Ah, mankind!
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