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How to Flat Iron Your Hair

Whether or not you might have frizz, static, or simply too many curls you want to wrangle, typically a flat iron is a woman’s greatest good friend.

You’ll be stunned how straightforward it’s – once you’ve discovered the secrets to getting probably the most out of your flat iron.

Even straight hair wants a flat iron typically in case you are going for that tremendous modern look.

Whereas you need to use a flat iron to crimp, curl, and do other fancy issues together with your hair, its commonest use is straightening.

Earlier than you enterprise out into the wild world of flat iron crimping, start with good straightening method.

Through the use of appropriate straightening methods and figuring out which merchandise to use in your hair both before and after, it is possible for you to to straighten with a flat iron while concurrently protecting your hair from any warmth injury.

Let’s take a look at what it takes to achieve straight hair with a flat iron.

First, Make Positive You’ve the Right Sort of Flat Iron

First, if in case you have an affordable, poor high quality flat iron, you may be doing more hurt than good.

When you personal a ceramic flat iron, then you will have a superb device for straightening your hair. Metallic plates on a flat iron can singe hair. Ceramic is a wonderful material for shielding hair. If you need to go for the large guns, get a tourmaline-ceramic flat iron.

Tourmaline is definitely a gemstone with special properties. When used on a flat iron plate, it truly emits unfavorable ions that take away static from hair scientifically.

Merchandise You Want to Flat Iron Your Hair

After you have a top quality flat iron, you’ll want to get some hair merchandise to help and shield your hair earlier than, during, and after the ironing process.

WikiHow explains that it’s greatest to begin at first. If you’re washing your hair in preparation, be sure to use a shampoo and conditioner made with the objective of straightening hair. (Observe: This is totally different from hair products designed for individuals with naturally straight hair.)

You’ll also need a warmth protecting serum to apply to your hair before you begin to flat iron. This can shield your hair from warmth injury.

For the straightening course of, you’ll want a hairbrush and some clips.
For aftercare, it’s greatest to have a hairdryer, hairspray, and a post-straightening product or setting spray that you could apply to maintain your hair as straight as potential.

Prepping Your Hair for Heat

You’ll want to prepare your hair for the warmth of the flat iron. Listed here are some simple steps to getting ready your hair properly.

How to Flat Iron Your Hair

1. Shampoo and Condition Your Hair

Once again, discover a shampoo and conditioner that’s formulated to assist straighten hair. This doesn’t imply it has to be costly. Purchasing this out of your local drugstore will probably be enough.

2. Pat Your Hair Dry

As an alternative of roughly applying the towel to your hair, take your towel and pat your hair dry gently in sections. This can permit you to take in any extra water. Plus, you’ll forestall your hair from turning into frizzy.

three. Apply Thermal Safety to Your Hair

Before you flat iron your hair, apply a warmth protectant gel or serum. That is your greatest guess for shielding your hair from heat injury. Implementing this step whereas your hair continues to be moist allows you to apply the serum evenly with out creating clumps. Use a comb to brush to work the gel via your damp hair evenly.

Four. Blow-Dry Your Hair

You want your hair to be utterly dry when straightening it. Your flat iron will work higher, and your hair gained’t be as damaged by the warmth. Keep in mind to purpose the hairdryer downwards along your hair, encouraging it to dry as straight as attainable. Using a low heat setting may also assist forestall any frizz.

Learning How to Straighten Hair with a Flat Iron

Now that your hair is ready to be straightened let’s see how to create a wonderfully straightened look together with your flat iron step by step.

How to Flat Iron Your Hair

1. Let Your Flat Iron Warmth Up

Flip your flat iron on and anticipate it to warmth up. If in case you have a variety of thick hair, put your flat iron on a better warmth setting. In case your hair is dry and brittle, have it on the lowest warmth setting to forestall any further injury.

2. Section Your Hair

Separate your hair into several sections through the use of clips. The variety of clips you employ will rely upon how thick your hair is. Each clip should maintain about 1-2 inches of hair. As you straighten your hair, clip the subsequent sections out of the best way. Place the clips on prime of your head in order that they don’t intrude with the iron.

3. Start with the Roots

Once you begin to straighten your hair, place the flat iron as shut to the roots as attainable. For a fair end result, place the flat iron an inch from your scalp.

4. Clamp Down on the Iron

Firmly clamp your flat iron down on your hair in order that the two heated pads are touching together with your hair in between. Don’t clamp too tightly – this can trigger your hair to mark and have a crimp. You also should chorus from holding the flat iron in a single spot for too long for a similar purpose.

5. Run the Flat Iron Down Your Hair

Run the flat iron all the best way down this part of your hair to straighten it. It is best to use a clean and fluid movement to make sure the hair is being straightened evenly. Keep in mind, don’t maintain the flat iron in one place for too long.

6. Repeat the Straightening Process

Run the flat iron down the identical part of hair a number of occasions till it is as straight as you want to. The thickness of your hair will depend on what number of occasions you have got to do that.

The decrease your heat setting, the more you’ll have to run over every section. Don’t be nervous for those who see steam – this occurs when the heat is available in contact with any moisture in your hair. When you odor burning hair, nevertheless, remove the iron instantly and switch the heat down.

7. Work on the Subsequent Hair Part

Move the straightened piece of hair out of the best way and unclip a new half to work with. It’s best to start on one aspect of your head and then move to the other – this manner you’ll be able to maintain all of the straightened hair together.
You may need to brush every part earlier than you straighten it. If the straightened sections of hair are getting frizzy, you possibly can apply hairspray as long as you’re accomplished ironing those sections. Be careful not to get hairspray on any of the elements you haven’t straightened but, as this will intrude with the straightening process.

Holding Your Hair Straight Afterwards

First, let’s speak about a reality examine. Regardless of how much time you spend straightening your hair, when you get it moist once more, it should revert again to its more pure state. So, rain, swimming, and even sweat can harm your superbly straightened hair.

Right here are some things you are able to do to assist the straightening effect final slightly longer, nevertheless:

1. Use Your Blow-Dryer to Set Your Straightened Hair

Upon getting straightened all of your hair, use your blow dryer to set it. Select the coldest setting on your blow-dryer and blow-dry your hair downwards in accordance to the hair stream. It will set your straightened hair. You should use a brush to information the course of your hair as you do that.

2. Apply Hairspray or Other Setting Merchandise

Once you’ve completed together with your cool-down blow-dry, you’ll be able to apply some product to set your hair. These are any post-ironing merchandise designed to be sure your hair stays straight. For example, you need to use a hairspray to set your hair when you assume it’d get frizzy. You may as well use a setting spray to hold your hair straighter for longer.

3. Keep in mind to Deliver an Umbrella

Should you stay someplace it is susceptible to rain, carry an umbrella with you once you exit. This can hold the moisture off your hair and stop it from turning into curly once more. Word: Umbrellas can’t stop humidity from turning up the frizz-factor in your hair. This is where good styling product is available in (see point two above)

The Dos and Don’ts of Flat Ironing

Now that you simply’ve mastered the artwork of straightening hair together with your flat iron, let’s take a look at a couple of ideas to keep in mind. You want to be sure to get the straightest hair potential whereas taking care of it.

How to Flat Iron Your Hair

1. Don’t Straighten Wet Hair

Samantha Faragalli of InStyle says that it is imperative you don’t straighten your hair when it’s moist. You can burn your hair and cause plenty of injury.

2. Don’t Use the Hottest Setting

The perfect temperature on your flat iron is 365 levels. Because of this something hotter is just too scorching and will injury your hair. The perfect flat irons may have heat controls that may forestall the iron from getting too scorching.

three. Do Part Of Your Hair

For greatest outcomes, section your hair before you start straightening. It will assist you to end with a good look, as it is possible for you to to reach even the hardest of places to straighten.

4. Do Start at the Roots

In the event you start the flat iron halfway down your hair, you’re asking for hassle. Starting on the roots may even assist to create a fair look throughout and may forestall crimping.

5. Do Use an Anti-Frizz Serum

If you would like long-lasting straight hair that doesn’t frizz, attempt using an anti-frizz setting serum to catch any flyaways and solidify a look that may last.

Flat Ironing Hair FAQ

Before you get the all-clear to straighten your hair, let’s look over some incessantly asked questions.

How Long Does My Hair Stay Straight?

This may be anyplace from a number of hours – in a damp environment – to a number of days (as long as you don’t wash it). Submit-straightening merchandise will make it keep straighter for longer.

How Typically Can I Straighten My Hair?

If your hair is wholesome, you’ll be able to straighten it each 2-4 days. You will need to ensure you’re following protected straightening methods and are conditioning your hair properly. That stated, ladies use flat irons every day regardless of the suggestions, so you’ll have to check and see what works greatest for you.

Is It Wholesome to Iron My Hair Day by day?

No. It might trigger your hair to grow to be dry and brittle. The truth is, utilizing any kind of scorching appliance in your hair will have a tendency to weaken the hair and trigger some injury. This consists of your hair dryer and curling iron as properly.

Will My Hair Be Straight After I Shampoo It?

As soon as your hair will get moist in any method, it should return to its unique state. It’s greatest to straighten your hair on dry or sunny days when you recognize it gained’t get moist.

Ought to I Wash My Hair Earlier than Straightening It?

Having clean hair is beneficial because soiled hair may cause frizz. For those who choose to condition your hair, make sure that it’s rinsed out nicely, because the conditioner might burn with the flat iron warmth.

How to Flat Iron Your Hair

The Greatest Approach to Flat Iron Your Hair

Finally, one of the simplest ways to flat iron your hair is to simply be methodical and take your time.

Flat ironing your hair is usually a tedious course of, but with the correct instruments and methods, it may be straightforward.

By following the steps above, you possibly can achieve completely straightened hair without an excessive amount of injury.
So, be certain to deal with your hair to give it one of the best probability of wanting great.