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Your April Numerology Revealed | The AstroTwins

Numerology predictions for April based mostly in your Private Yr Quantity.

Our resident numbers guru, Felicia Bender, The Practical Numerologist, shares your Month-to-month Numerology forecast.

2019 is a Common three Yr (2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 12, 1 + 2 = three). To seek out out which monthly forecasts to learn this yr, calculate your Personal Yr Number, based on the instructions under. This Personal Yr Number will affect your entire yr, from January 1 until December 31, 2019.

Calculate your Private Yr Number for 2019:

Take your start date (for example): 11-1-1992

Substitute the yr you have been born with the present yr: 11-1-2019

Add each of those individual numbers together:
1 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 15

Digit right down to a single-digit number, so maintain adding: 1 + 5 = 6

If this have been your birthday, you’re experiencing a 6 Private Yr in 2019, so read the corresponding forecast under.


Should you’re having a 1 Personal Yr,
April is a 5 Month

1 Numerology

Anticipate the sudden and prepare to make issues happen! The mixture of your 1 Personal Yr and 5 Month energies relate to sudden change, adventure and progress. Are you ready for some fun after the somewhat critical and onerous work that you simply engaged in final month? Provided that this 1 Private Yr is devoted to asserting your sense of independence, originality, and individuality, April ought to really feel incredible and energizing. This month holds impending excitement, fascinating individuals, and shocking alternatives. It’s time to clean up your considering. Revise your general outlook. Read one thing on a topic that you simply won’t often gravitate toward. Go someplace somewhat off the crushed monitor. Or hunt down one thing totally different from the same places, faces, and routines. Even a small shift will spice issues up and permit you to see above the water line. Provoke change or enlargement in vital areas in your life on April 14 or 23, and be ready to say “au revoir” to the previous so you’ll be able to transfer forward with the brand new. There’s robust potential for an alteration or adjustment in your recreation plan. Likelihood is you gained’t see it coming and it’ll probably substitute or considerably broaden upon what you’ve been targeted on for a while. An entire transformation of your reality is happening proper now and it could possibly really feel each exhilarating and somewhat weird and scary. It’s time to confide in new experiences!

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For those who’re having a 2 Private Yr,
April is a 6 Month

2 Numerology

The 6 Month of April shines a highlight on the home realm. Drift and bask in the glow. You’ll be able to enjoy the pleasures of friendship, love and affection. The complete 2 Private Yr is dedicated to working with others, partaking in group-related activities, and nurturing your loving connections. It’s additionally a yr requiring a heightened degree of tact, diplomacy, and endurance. This month, residence and household can be entrance and middle. Your endurance will most certainly be tried, so get able to take ten deep breaths and put in your cloak of diplomacy—although you may really feel like placing on Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak as an alternative! Romance has a particular zing, notably on or about April 18. Trustworthy communication will improve all your connections. When you’re single and ready for love, set an intention to draw someone particular. The 2 Private Yr and the 6 Personal Month are both about love. Get clear about what you want in an intimate relationship and—as Abraham Hicks of The Regulation of Attraction would say—send out that “rocket of desire” into the universe!

In case you’re having a 3 Personal Yr,
April is a 7 Month

3 Numerology

The 7 Month of April might convey conflicting energies, so things may feel slightly disjointed, if not a bit confounding. On the one hand, you might feel introspective and a bit low-energy. Other occasions, you’re invigorated and pushed to precise yourself by way of creativity and fun. How you can navigate this duality? Just figuring out the rationale you’re conflicted is half the battle. Choose to completely interact in one vibe (hang around at house with a e-book and fuzzy slippers!) and then the other (hit up comfortable hour together with your co-workers). Between April 9 and 27, spend some solo time contemplating or learning with minimal interruption. Assess your progress around expressing your self more absolutely and creatively. Have you ever grown because the begin of 2019? This month can deliver up a number of trust points that spark soul-searching. What’s actually happening here? Look deeper. Since it’s your three Personal Yr of self-improvement and self-expression, April is right for personal progress work. How might you improve your communication or be extra emotionally clear? What retailers deliver you joy—and are you pursuing them? This can be a great month to do a deep dive round these questions.

When you’re having a four Private Yr,
April is a eight Month

4 Numerology

The 4 Personal Yr is all about getting clear and practical together with your objectives and establishing the methods to make them run easily. This is essential work, but it could possibly really feel like a thankless process: as quickly as you verify off one merchandise from your to-do record, three extra seem! When things really feel heavy and critical, remind your self that what you set in motion will make your life simpler and simpler for the subsequent 5 years. April is your springboard month. You can also make great strides in your profession or enterprise dealings proper now, particularly round April 9.  But keep in mind: No shortcuts! Both the power of the four Private Yr and the 8 Personal Month are about business, funds, and taking the sensible route. The additional work you set in this month could have an important impression as you progress by way of your yr. A great deal of organization and administration may be required to maneuver things along efficiently. You’ve set to work in your money and manage it with professional oversight. April invites you to step into your power and perform the essential tasks to manifest your objectives.

(On this video, Tali and our resident numerologist Felicia Bender explain the importance of 2019, which is a three Universal Yr.)

Should you’re having a 5 Personal Yr,
April is a 9 Month

5 Numerology

The power of the 5 Private Yr is overflowing with altering circumstances, sudden shifts and an underlying have to stretch your personal and professional boundaries. “Freedom” is your keyword for the yr—and that can imply a number of different things. Beneath it all, you’re evaluating how free you are feeling in your life, what freedom means to you and what it’d take to get a bit more of it. Within the 9 Month of April, you possibly can begin to pursue a course that fits your evolving needs. You’ll really feel remarkably freer and extra open in a means that you simply couldn’t begin to imagine even a month in the past. This could come to move in many various ways, from probably the most dramatic to the extra delicate. Is it a business or personal relationship which may take a flip? Or is it an inner shift you’ve been digesting? You may merely reap the rewards of objectives you set into movement final yr—freedom gained by way of self-discipline and concerted effort. The power of the 9 Month can even portend endings. The quantity 9 brings conclusions that require surrender in your half—an openness to vary and transformation. April is a time to let go of what you not need to be able to welcome a new part.

In case you’re having a 6 Private Yr,
April is a 1 Month

6 Numerology

Household and relationships are ripe for evolution this April. Last month was all about transitions and endings, and you could have been pushed to let go of something. April is a 1 Month, which signifies new activities or starting a relationship—whether or not enterprise or romantic, particularly between April 9 and 27. This month is all about taking initiative and appearing on your individuality and independence. It’s okay to place yourself first! Whenever you deal with yourself, then you possibly can really deal with others in the perfect and most efficient means attainable. Put aside any guilt and prioritize your passions—April is actually the most effective month for that and also you don’t need to waste it!

When you’re having a 7 Personal Yr,
April is an 11/2 Month

7 Numerology

Who says soul-searching needs to be heavy? April’s numerological combine challenges that belief. While this 7 Personal Yr may be about inner investigations, that doesn’t necessarily mean you gained’t have any enjoyable. Many people correlate “spiritual” with “serious,” however the different day I watched a video of nuns singing and dancing to Queen’s “We Will Rock You.” Speak about an fascinating juxtaposition! It reminded me that levity and lightness ARE a part of our religious journey, too. During your 7 Private Yr, you’ll want “time outs” to course of ideas and experiences in a deep and profound manner. It’s an optimal time for research or analysis, and to develop your intuitive powers. The 11/2 Month of April isn’t necessarily a “get up and go” time. Whether or not you understand it or not, you’re expending a LOT of power in your inside transformation. The collision of the illuminating Master number 11 together with your spiritually-centered 7 Personal Yr makes April a strong vortex for tuning in to your self and the universe. Take a while for power work, meditation or prayer. Explore esoteric and holistic tools for self-care and progress—books, workshops, journaling or someplace your dialed-up instinct guides you.

Should you’re having an eight Private Yr,
April is a three Month

The eight Personal Yr exams your personal energy, and calls for that you simply get right down to enterprise, expressing your power and vision within the wider world. Verify in on progress now: The 3 Month of April is about communication and self-expression. How are you communicating your power on the planet? When you might use some polish (we all might), you may even get training in management or media expertise. Creativity is significant this month, and that isn’t relegated to the canvas or stage. Infuse any venture or dilemma with progressive problem-solving and also you’ll be amazed at how connections will finally come collectively or coalesce right into a strong new strategy. The eight Yr requires sound judgment and skillful management, so hold every part on monitor and comply with a schedule. This month supplies you with the opportunity to tap into your creativity and apply it to maximize what you’re doing across the board. Critical as it sounds, the three Month is extra social and relaxed than last month, adding a welcome lightness to the overall intensity of your whole 8 Personal Yr. It’s a good time to put in writing, attend workshops or seminars, and luxuriate in some cultural actions. Something that expands your inventive and cultural horizons is true on process. Combine it up and introduce novelty to freshen up your considering. Including lightness and enjoyable can spark a new mindset that helps you strategy an previous drawback from an invigorated angle.

When you’re having a 9 Private Yr,
April is a four Month

9 Numerology

April’s four Month is a more critical time for you, pushing you to deal with your challenges from a sensible angle as an alternative of an emotional one. It’s a bit of bit robust love, and just a little “one day at a time.” Break overwhelming duties into bite-sized motion gadgets. Take small, methodical steps every day and the results might be cumulative. Give attention to the nuts-and-bolts actions that need your attention, like your finances and profession, which might see progress. In the course of the weeks of April 15 and 24, you may pursue a brand new love curiosity or career opportunity. Once you expertise any cycle guided by the quantity 4, there may be curveballs, detours or (seeming) obstacles. Your mission is to maintain it easy and steady—no chopping corners! Shore up your religion and go through the method, even should you’d a lot fairly bounce from point A to level E in a single fell swoop. An accountability buddy or coach may help you keep on activity once you need to give up. And have fun each tiny victory: gratitude for the little issues will assist you really feel protected sufficient to let go of a few of the greater outmoded stuff throughout your transitional 9 Private Yr. Romance may also be entrance and middle, and you have to be sure to prioritize it in case you’re presently in a relationship. Designate some “no phone zones” round the house and implement other insurance policies that foster emotional connection. You may take a better take a look at your childhood or family history. Is there forgiveness work to be carried out, a pattern to interrupt? April helps you think of methods to move forward with a cleaner slate.

Felicia BenderFelicia Bender, Ph.D is “The Practical Numerologist” and the writer of Redesign Your Life: Using Numerology To Create The Wildly Optimal You. To study more numerology from Felicia, order customized reviews and ebook a studying, go to www.FeliciaBender.com

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